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076 Mr. FIA-X: Letters, Numbers, and BS Bonuses

Stan Haithcock
September 28, 2021
076 Mr. FIA-X: Letters, Numbers, and BS Bonuses

About Fun With Annuities Episode #76

Back by popular demand, Mr. FIA-X joins me on Fun With Annuities episode #76. When his interviews hit, I get a ton of emails from people who 1. Are trying to guess who Mr. FIA-X is, and 2. fans flooding me with follow-up questions. I will never reveal his identity because the inside information he provides my clients and me is priceless.

As Mr. FIA-X and I both agreed, I have dubbed the current financial environment" Indexed Annuity Silly Season." The bad-chicken dinner and expensive steak dinner FIA seminars are back. All I can say is swallow the food, not the sales pitch. And if they serve steak, that should clue you into how high the commissions are - BIG. Make sure to order it "medium rare" warm in the middle, and don't fall for the sizzle!

The vibe in this podcast is anything but low key, but I like how Mr. FIA-X just drills it down to this, "They're [annuities] gonna give you a better than average chance at a better than average return."

During this podcast, we focused on the back-tested, hypothetical, theoretical, projected, agent hopeful, unicorns chasing the butterflies sale pitches that often surround Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) sales pitches. Mr. FIA-X factually tore this topic apart and lit the mic on fire!

Unfortunately, too many FIA sales pitches revolve around "fear or greed" to get you to sign the paperwork.

We also discussed the truth about the "upfront bonuses" that many FIAs offer. Spoiler alert, there are no philanthropists at annuity companies. Mr. FIA-X factually destroyed this one as well and didn't disappoint with his 3rd appearance on my podcast. Enjoy!

Who is Mr. FIA-X, and why is he hiding his identity?

He's now retired from the fixed index annuity business but was there from its inception. He has been at the secret annuity carrier meetings and knows the confidential information. FIAs are monster business attached to Godzilla-sized bankrolls. Mr. FIA-X revealed never shared before details that he knew the consumer needed to know. But, they were facts that FIA carriers really don't want consumers to know. That's why we had to protect his identity.

PS- Don't email me and ask me to reveal who it is or confirm your guess. Not gonna do it!

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Mr. FIA-X discuss:

  • Running away from lies and half-truths
  • “Guaranteed increasing income” and other misleading statements
  • Knowing how much you’ll really earn
  • Why people choose annuities

Key Takeaways:

  • If anybody tells you that what they’re selling has “no downsides” - run away, don’t listen. Everything they're telling you will probably be a lie.
  • How you state things matter, and how you decipher them matters. When selling annuity products, never mislead people.
  • The old rule still applies: if it sounds too good to be true, regardless of who’s pitching it, it probably is.
  • People choose to go for annuities because they want to transfer risks.

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