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Marty Parlato: Factually Ranting on Investing Now

Stan Haithcock
May 9, 2023
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About Fun With Annuities Episode #145

Martin “Marty” Parlato is a star. He is controversial. He is smart. And he seems to be always right about the markets. As a warning, he is not politically correct or woke. This is not a soft-landing spot or a warm-fuzzy-feeling podcast guest. This is how you would like politicians and market pundits to talk. Brutal. Factual. Not mincing words. The only proof that the world is not fair is that Jim Cramer is the lead mouthpiece for CNBC, not Marty Parlato. He’s that good.

With all that being said, this podcast might make you cringe while pushing you to think and be honest with yourself. That’s why I have Marty on the program. It’s like jumping off a cliff and then looking for the parachute. There is no script, and there is no plan. I start recording with him and let the factual chips fall where they may. It’s a factual free-for-all.

Like his previous appearances on my podcast, we covered many topics. Marty weighed in on cryptocurrencies again, which he previously described and nailed as a “faith-based” investment. If you think about that for a second, he is right, and it’s almost a religion to the crypto fanatics. To say that he is not a fan is an understatement.

Marty always weighs in on how politics affect investing, and it’s clear he is not a fan of either party or the current system. He blasted Ted Cruz for continuing his self-promoting ways and had a special message for the FED leaders in charge of raising interest rates. These two segments are worth the listen alone.

When it comes to stock picking, Marty Parlato is what Michael Jordan is to basketball, and he is unmatched. If you are currently investing in individual stocks, his “mic drop moment” at the end of the podcast will probably make you a lot of money. It was concise and a no-brainer slap-your-head moment of investing clarity, and that’s how he talks.

You might not know that Marty is battling serious health issues but still gets up daily to dominate his investing world. He’s a fighter, and he’s a winner. He is someone you might want to consider managing the equity side of your portfolio. Instead of working out of NYC, Marty calls the Florida beaches home. Smart guy. We all need Marty Parlato around a long time.

One last thing, you need to go to his website Lighthouse Retirement to listen to his weekly radio show. It is unbelievably good. I’m not kidding. It’s free to listen to, and it’s something you need to do every week for entertainment and unmatched investing education. Why that show isn’t syndicated, I’ll never know. Enjoy this podcast fastball. I know I did.

"No two of my clients have the same portfolio and why would they? They all came on at different times. They have different goals and aspirations. So you can't make a blanket assumption of what our returns are. But they're very significant." — Martin Parlato.

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Martin Parlato discuss:

  • Why it’s important to appoint the qualified
  • Cryptocurrency is “craptocurrency”
  • On Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter
  • Don’t get fancy and don’t panic

Key Takeaways:

  • A person’s identity or politics is entirely irrelevant compared to how competent they are for the job that they are given, that’s what matters. People who are appointed to powerful positions should be qualified.
  • Cryptocurrency is still “craptocurrency” for Marty. He doesn’t follow it, use it, or believe in it. The government doesn’t seem to have any plans of regulating cryptocurrency and it’s harming people who see it as a way to get rich quickly and end up losing a lot of money.
  • The government won’t be able to break up Facebook or TikTok because at the end of the day, people love these apps and a lot of politicians use these for their reelection.
  • From an investment standpoint, don’t get fancy. Invest in products that you understand. Don’t panic, invest for the long term.

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