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Steve Parrish: Rational and Phased Retirement Planning (TAM Classic)

Stan Haithcock
May 7, 2024
Steve Parrish: Rational and Phased Retirement Planning (TAM Classic)

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Steve Parrish discuss:

  • People don’t understand annuities
  • Preparing for diminished capacity
  • Life expectancy is good and getting better
  • Managing your retirement plan

Key Takeaways:

  • Annuities are not an investment, it’s a form of insurance that makes investments even better.
  • Address problems in advance while you still can. Think about how your bills will be paid, how your money will be invested, and how it can be protected from being abused by others when the time comes that your capacity is diminished.
  • Plan to live past the life expectancy age - especially these days where technology was forced to advance to cope with the pandemic.
  • Retirement is not just an event, it’s a change in life. Think of the behavioral and emotional aspects of it, not just the money. But when it comes to money, keep these three things in mind: your social security, medicare, and your benefit pension plan.

"Guess who the last person would be that knows that you have diminished capacity - you" — Steve Parrish

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