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Stan The Annuity Man: The Annuity Man Predictions for 2024

Stan Haithcock
January 16, 2024
Stan The Annuity Man: The Annuity Man Predictions for 2024

In this episode, The Annuity Man discussed:

  • Planning with simplicity
  • Annuity products overview
  • Consumer-focused future of annuities
  • Tuning out the noise

Key Takeaways:

  • Lifetime income is priced primarily on your life expectancy and interest rates play a secondary role in pricing. Shop all carriers for the highest contractual guarantee, don’t gamble your retirement on hypothetical and theoretical numbers. Seek simplicity in planning.
  • Indexed annuities are going to keep getting pitched, and often through misleading and hyperbolic statements, by sales agents because of the high commission. Indexed annuities aren’t bad products, they are great delivery systems for lifetime income through the attachment of an income rider.
  • Companies must realize the importance of putting consumers first and giving them the power to make the choices that they want to make through education and other helpful resources. Annuities should be bought and not sold, agents have the responsibility to make sure the client understands their contract fully.
  • Tune out the noise of the media and look into your life instead. Think about things that matter to you, things that make you happy, and focus on making more time for that. Eliminate the things in your life that are not adding to your joy.

"If you're in chapter two of your life in retirement, I want you to maximize the day. I want you to start structuring your day for fun and for relaxation and for reflection." — Stan The Annuity Man.

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