How To Buy An Annuity

Finding the right annuity calculator might be the most important part of your quest to find the best fixed annuities for your specific situation. The Annuity Man® has 4 proprietary calculators and live feeds to provide the highest contractual guarantees available with all carriers.

Get Your Personal Quote

During this step you receive quotes & make the decision on your terms and time frame.
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Receive quotes
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Make the decision on your terms and time frame.
Photo Get Your Personal Quote

Talk To Our Team

During this step you set the appointment with our team and complete the application.
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Set a paperwork phone appointment.
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Speak with The Annuity Man® team to complete the application.
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We Manage All The Paperwork

During this step we organize all the paperwork and submit your application to the carrier.
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Receive the application, sign, and send it back to The Annuity Man®.
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Our team reviews the application and submits it to the carrier.
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You will get all updates on the process via email.
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Receive The Final Contract

During this step your money is applied and we get the final contract with the carrier. We send you the policy.
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Your money is applied with check or transfer to the policy.
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We receive the final contract and review it.
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The Annuity Man® sends you the policy via UPS on second day air.
Photo Receive The Final Contract