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Ellie Saul: New Benefits Revealed by Mama Bear Medicare

Stan Haithcock
September 6, 2022
Ellie Saul: New Benefits Revealed by Mama Bear Medicare

About Fun With Annuities Episode #125

One of Medicare’s top advisors and educators, Ellie Saul, joined me on the Fun With Annuities podcast to discuss new legislation that will affect everyone.  The pride of Texas and a national star in the medicare space, “Mama Bear Medicare” explained the top 3 items out of Washington that you need to be aware of.

Ellie also discussed how Mark Cuban (serial entrepreneur & owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks) is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry with his “Cost + Drugs” assault on prescription pricing.  It’s about time, in my opinion, and kudos to him for disrupting “big pharma’s” grip on seniors and baby boomers.  Let’s hope he is successful.  His track record is pretty good.

I couldn’t help but “go off” on the ridiculously frequent Medicare TV commercials with past sitcom star J.J. Walker and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath.  If you have your TV on any cable channel, these jokers show up every other minute hammering away at some nonsense about Medicare saving for specific zip codes.  Then the screen shows some stupid acting people saying, “I called to check my zip code” and “I want to get what I deserve.”  I can’t teach that kind of stupid, and spoiler alert, ALL ZIP CODES QUALIFY!

The crazy thing about these ad campaigns is that Ellie said they were nothing more than “lead mills” to gather your information and sell it to agents.  This same nonsense happens in the annuity industry, but J.J. & Joe have ramped this up to an obscene marketing level.

This is why I have Mama Bear Medicare, Ellie Saul, on the program.  She knows the Medicare game backward and forwards.  She also specializes in something unique in the world of Medicare advice; she tells the truth.  She is brutally factual, just like I am about annuities.

This is a great podcast, with facts and fun wrapped up in laughter and fantastic advice.  What more would you want?  Enjoy the ride.

"I want my insurance company to pay more for my care than for their CEOs. And that doesn't happen in the marketplace. But with Original Medicare, there's this one beautiful little part where we get more than we give at some point." —  Ellie Saul

Brief Bio on Co-host Ellie Saul:

An award-winning speaker and published writer, Ellie has taught free Medicare and Financial Literacy Classes over the past decade and has become an advocate for senior rights and Medicare Literacy. Ellie believes teaching is her calling and that there is no "one size fits all" solution for health, life, or retirement. She is passionate about providing educational resources for all without promoting a specific company or product in her classes or educational materials.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, Ellie teaches simple illustrations and relevant stories to make learning fun.

In this episode, The Annuity Man® and Ellie Saul discuss:

  • Medicaid is better than selling your soul to lead selling companies
  • The three benefits that the non-inflation bill does for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Looking out for yourself by doing your own research
  • Don’t surrender your rights

Key Takeaways:

  • If you need money back and you can’t afford your premiums, then opt in for Medicaid instead of giving your information to a company that promises to give you money for buying their insurance. They’re selling your information as leads to insurance companies, and they will not stop calling you. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  • Here’s how the non-inflation bill benefits Medicare beneficiaries: one, it lowers the difference between your income for getting help which means medicare beneficiaries can make more and still get extra help for prescription medication. Second, there is now a maximum out-of-pocket limit for prescription drugs, specifically for Medicare beneficiaries. Third, Medicare can now negotiate pricing with drug manufacturers.
  • For-profit companies are always looking out for their own interest, and educational meetings are not profitable for them. That’s why you have to do your own research. You have access to real information, but it’s going to be a bit like a treasure hunt.
  • If you are anywhere close to Medicare age, statistically, you’ll live longer than anyone has ever lived. Turning 65 is legally referred to as a change of life event. Don't surrender your rights just because of the fear of missing out.

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