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Martin Parlato: No B.S. Insights About Markets & Inflation

Stan Haithcock
October 4, 2022
Martin Parlato: No B.S. Insights About Markets & Inflation

About Fun With Annuities Episode #129

Martin Parlato’s name should be as well-known as Jim Cramer from CNBC.  In my opinion, he can run factual rings around Cramer when it comes to all things about the markets and money.  If people think that I’m brutally factual, Marty takes it to a different level.  One thing is for sure, my Fun With Annuities podcast listeners love when he is a celebrity guest host.

We jumped into how Marty views current Fed moves and what it looks like they will do in the future.  Marty flat-out called Chairman Powell dumb and backed that up with facts and other high-level experts that agreed with him.  Once you hear his take on what’s happening, the factual seas will part so you can understand how this will impact you.

The last time Marty was on, he predicted the demise of the crypto space when Bitcoin was at the $40,000 to $50,000 level.  At the time of this taping, it was currently hovering in the $19,000 range.  I mentioned that Warren Buffett recently said he wouldn’t give $25 for all the existing cryptocurrencies in the world.  That’s a pretty drastic statement, but Marty echoed that “worthless” chorus for the crypto category.

Marty was so right the last time he was on my podcast when he said that this was a “supply-chain” recession and could easily be solved.  He went through those simplistic steps in detail, which makes you wish our current political class would think the same way.  I asked Marty what he would do if he were head of the Fed, and he quickly said he couldn’t take that big of a salary cut.  Classic!

There were recent commentaries by Jeremy Siegel and Stanley Druckenmiller that I thought were brilliant and on point, but I wanted Marty to add more value to what they had said.  He knocked the factual ball out of the park and added some points you need to hear.

Every time Martin “Marty” Parlato is on my podcast, I come away smarter and in a better mood.  I will guarantee that you will have the same results.  Enjoy!

"The supply chain is broken. We need somebody to go make more of everything that we consume… more of everything." —  Martin Parlato.

Brief Bio on Co-host: Martin Parlato

Martin Parlato, the President of Martin D. Parlato & Associates, is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Martin has been in the advisory business for over 41 years. During his career, Parlato has held roles at Mdp, Inc Of Jacksonville, Lighthouse Financial Services, and Martin D. Parlato & Associates, LLC. Marty also hosts one of the most entertaining and educational financial radio shows I’ve ever heard: Lighthouse Retirement Hour. His show is provocative and crazy funny! Political commentary and stock market news to help you "try and make 'mo money" in the stock market each week. Like money news and political commentary? You will love this weekly review of politics and news. If you can't find stock and investment news you can use, you aren't listening hard enough.

In this episode, The Annuity Man® and Martin Parlato discuss:

  • Where is inflation?
  • Cryptocurrency is a joke
  • How to fix the supply chain
  • What should the government be doing?

Key Takeaways:

  • Where can you see inflation personally affecting your life? Does inflation impact you, or are you just listening to the media too much? The real problem is the huge supply chain issue made worse by the government incentivizing unemployment.
  • Cryptocurrency isn’t going to save the economy. In fact, when the autopsy is done, you might even find that crypto has a lot to do with it.
  • The supply chain issue has a simple solution: to get people to work again. People need to make more of everything that we consume.
  • The smart thing for the government is to stimulate our economy, foster full employment, and try to build up control of industries. They have to stop making decisions that will cause the country to self-destruct.

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