Understand what you’re buying, not what you’re being sold

For you to fully understand which one of these annuity contracts will best fit your specific situation and goals
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My brutally factual writing style will help protect you from the “too good to be true” sales pitches and misinformation you will hear from many agents. With annuities, you are buying a contract, so you better fully understand that contract before signing any paperwork. Below are the books I will send as a gift and under no obligation or cost to you.
  • SPIA Owner’s Manual
  • QLAC Owner’s Manual
  • DIA Owner’s Manual
  • FIA Owner’s Manual
  • MYGA Owner’s Manual
  • Income Rider Owner’s Manual
Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs), Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs), Deferred Income Annuities (DIAs), Fixed Index Annuity (FIAs), Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities (MYGAs), and the Income Rider Owner’s Manual are a must have if you are considering the purchase of an annuity...or if you already own one.
Annuities are contracts and life insurance products issued by life insurance companies. I wrote these owner’s manuals because there are many types of annuities, and each has its own unique limitations and benefits. There’s not just one annuity type. So to say you hate all annuities is like saying you hate all restaurants or all shoes. It makes no sense.
Annuities were first introduced in the Roman Times as a lifetime pension payment for the dutiful Roman soldiers and their families. The annuity category has a monopoly on lifetime income guarantees. No other financial product can contractually guarantee to pay you regardless of how long you live. That’s a fact. True retirement planning involves using annuity transfer of risk contracts to provide guaranteed retirement income. It’s part of your overall guaranteed income floor, and combines with the other annuity every single US citizen owns…..Social Security. Yes, Social Security is an annuity transfer of risk lifetime income guarantee. With annuity lifetime income guarantees, there’s no ROI (i.e. Return On Investment) until you die. Up until that point, it’s a pure long term transfer of risk where you will be receiving payments for the rest of your life. Comparing annuity income products to investments is the ultimate example of “apples and oranges,” and the biggest mistake most people make.

With annuities that provide income guarantees, you can receive guaranteed payments for life or a specific period of time...or a combination of both

With annuities that provide income guarantees, you can receive guaranteed payments for life or a specific period of time...or a combination of both. Most income annuities are funded with a lump sum payment, and you can choose when you want to start receiving payments. Just like Social Security, the older you are...the higher the payments. The rate of return with lifetime income payments is primarily based on your life expectancy at the time you start the payments. It’s important to point out that interest rates play a secondary pricing role with lifetime income guarantees. Most people are not aware of that annuity fact. My SPIA Owner’s Manual, DIA Owner’s Manual, QLAC Owner’s Manual, and Income Rider Owner’s Manual will help you choose which annuity income type is right for your specific situation.
Too often, I have had to explain to a policy owner how the annuity they have already purchased really works. There is a lot of misinformation, and even downright misleading sales pitches promising contractually unreachable returns on annuities. This type of “dream selling” especially happens with tax-deferred Indexed Annuity sales pitches.
My FIA (Fixed Index Annuities) Owner’s Manual is one of a kind in the annuity world. Like all of my Owner’s Manuals, I am brutally factual and especially with FIAs not being a true stock market return product. An FIA is a fixed annuity, a life insurance product, not a security, and is NOT designed to compete with mutual funds or market type return strategies.
The Income Rider Owner’s Manual is a must-read and sometimes unsettling for annuity owners when they find out the truth about their supposed “8% Annuity” they were sold. That “Jimmy Carter” level percentage is not a true rate of interest, but monopoly money and a phantom account that is primarily used to determine your first payment stream of income when Income Riders are attached to deferred annuities. Some Income Riders can also be used for a guaranteed death benefit or confinement care type guarantees.
When people ridiculously say that they “hate all annuities,” I always ask them if they hate CDs (Certificates of Deposit). The typical response is “of course not!” Well, then you can’t hate all annuities because Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities (MYGAs) are the annuity industry’s version of a CD. You receive a guaranteed interest rate for a specific period of time that you choose...just like a CD. My MYGA Owner’s Manual lays out the benefits and limitations of MYGAs and also teaches you how to combine them with CDs to create a principal-protected strategy while maximizing interest rates.
I want you to be educated when it comes to annuities. This is the reason I am recognized as “America’s Annuity Agent” and the top independent agent in the United States (licensed in all 50 states) is that I am an educator first. I will only sell you an annuity if I feel it is suitable and appropriate for your specific needs and goals. I have no problem telling you if an annuity doesn’t fit your goals.
If you would like a one-one consultation with me personally, please click the schedule a call link to access my schedule and set a time that works for both of us. You can also access my proprietary annuity calculators that quote all carriers to find the highest contractual guarantees available for your specific state of residence and stated financial goals.
I will treat you like a professional. No bad sales pitches or high-pressure nonsense selling. Remember that there is never an urgency to buy an annuity contract. The only urgency is for you to fully understand the specific annuity type you are buying.