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Martin Parlato: How Politics Affects Your Investments

Stan Haithcock
June 28, 2022
Martin Parlato: How Politics Affects Your Investments

About Fun With Annuities Episode #115

This week’s Fun With Annuities hosts one of the most talented on-air personalities I’ve ever heard, Martin “Marty” Parlato. Marty hosts one of the most entertaining and educational financial radio shows I’ve ever heard, called Lighthouse Financial Hour.  I encourage you to check it out.

This podcast went from 0 to 100 m.p.h. When Marty hit the ground on how politics intertwine and affect your investments. Most people are too politically correct to go there, but he doesn’t care. He brings the factual heat without hesitation. He is a brutally factual flame-thrower.

There’s a good chance Marty will not be invited to Blackrock’s holiday party this year. He blasted their decision to offer crypto in 401ks and unload crappy bonds to the unassuming investor.  He despises everything Blackrock stands for and blames them for the negative current financial environment.  He then pivoted to the Amazon executives on the most recent quarterly investment call and said they should all be in jail for misinformation.  He was just getting warmed up.

According to Marty, the focus should not about interest rates or inflation.  None of us have seen this before with the world’s issues with the supply chain.  Marty has some no-brainer fixes that you need to hear, and you will wonder why our politicians (both parties) aren’t trying to implement them.

One of the best segments of the podcast was when we talked about crypto and Marty’s prediction for where that sector is headed.  Let’s just say that he’s a tad bearish. If you aren’t familiar with the tulip bulb crash that started in 1634 and bottomed out in 1637, history does seem to repeat itself if you haven’t noticed.

Of course, we talked about the war, Russia, China, and geo-political.  Marty weighs in on these current events and their havoc on people’s portfolios.  He also had some sage words on what to do during these times.

Martin Parlato is a one-of-a-kind gem.  He’s a financial treasure who needs to be heard, and I’ve already had him agree to be a frequent guest on Fun With Annuities.  This podcast is a firehose of information.  I know you will enjoy it.

"The retirees need to understand that elections matter. You elect stupid people, this is what you get - you get a series of bad decisions that affect your retirement. Politics affect your money." —  Martin Parlato.

Brief Bio on Co-host: Martin Parlato

Martin Parlato the President of Martin D. Parlato & Associates, based in Jacksonville, Florida. Martin has been in the advisory business for over 41 years. During his career, Parlato has held roles at Mdp, Inc Of Jacksonville, Lighthouse Financial Services, and Martin D. Parlato & Associates, LLC. Marty also hosts one of the most entertaining and educational financial radio shows I’ve ever heard: Lighthouse Retirement Hour. His show is provocative and crazy funny! Political commentary and stock market news to help you "try and make 'mo money" in the stock market each week. Like money news and political commentary? You will love this weekly review of politics and news. If you can't find stock and investment news you can use, you aren't listening hard enough.

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Martin Parlato discuss:

  • The biggest problem the government created
  • How to send a country into stagflation
  • Cryptocurrency is worthless
  • Planning in six-month projects

Key Takeaways:

  • The problem is government spending and the supply chain - which the government can’t fix. People being paid to stay home contributes to production and supply chain problems, leading to a lack of advertisements, resulting in layoffs and further unemployment in advertising sites like Facebook.
  • If you can’t increase supply, then all you can do is decrease demand, and if you try to decrease the demand side so hard that it compensates for the supply side, that’s when you send the country into recession - that’s when you send the country into stagflation.
  • Crypto is worthless, and it doesn’t do anything. Many people buy cryptocurrency because it’s untraceable by the government and unstealable by anyone. Except, there have been many incidents of hacking, often involving millions of dollars in stolen crypto.
  • Retirement planning is done in six-month projects. The world changes fast; we are already in a different world than six months ago.

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