Brutally Honest, Factual Expertise About Annuities

Stan The Annuity Man is the most read and listened to annuity commentator in the country. The message is clear, and the facts are undisputed. The AnnuityMan is considered the top independent annuity agent in the country, and FreedomFest founder, Mark Skousen, refers to Stan as “the world’s #1 expert on annuities.”

Abrasively factual describes how Stan The Annuity Man approaches the too often over hyped world of annuities. The AnnuityMan mantra of “own an annuity for what it WILL DO, not what it might do” has reframed a misguided industry message to the contractually guaranteed focus of how annuities should be viewed, sold, and owned. If you combined well known advocates Clark Howard, Jim Cramer, and Ralph Nader into an intense, driven, 6’6” red headed frame… you would get Stan The Annuity Man. There is only one question to ask, “Can you handle the annuity truth?”

Hated by the Industry, Loved by the Consumer

Stan The Annuity Man has been referred to as the “walking middle finger of annuity truth” and has been called the nation’s “annuity consumer advocate” for all things annuity. The AnnuityMan’s weekly syndicated articles, posts, and live speaking events strip away the annuity sales hype and Stan is redefining, reframing, and changing the negative perception that the annuity industry has well earned.

Most in the annuity industry loathe the numerous national platforms that Stan The Annuity Man educates the public from, but they instinctively know that he is right on point with his “Will Do, not might do” contractual guarantees only message.