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Is It Time Yet?

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
June 15, 2024

Annuities can be a powerful financial tool if they are used correctly and purchased at the right time. Buying annuities for growth at an early age is a mistake and gives the annuity industry a bad rap. So, how do you answer the question: Is It Time Yet? My recent video, Annuities Explained By Age, can help you know when to start exploring your annuity options.

If you need an annuity and you start it at the right time, the contractual guarantees they provide will give you the peace of mind you want to enjoy your retirement years and will pay you as long as you are breathing. I explore this in Shootin’ It Straight With Stan: Annuity Contractual Guarantees Change Lives.

Another piece to the annuity puzzle is understanding which annuities pay the highest commission rates, as I discussed in Q&A Friday: What Are the Highest Commission Annuity Types? This doesn't mean you should avoid high-commission annuities altogether. My purpose is to inform you about annuities, so if a low-commission option can meet your needs but someone is pushing a high-commission one, you'll understand why.

It's about what you need your money to contractually do for you and when you need those contractual guarantees to start. The annuity calculators on my website can help you find the highest contractual payouts for your money. Once you have decided which product is right for you, we can help you with the paperwork. Book a call and we will help answer your questions or get that application submitted.

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