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Larry Kotlikoff: "Maxifi" Your Retirement Planning

Stan Haithcock
July 4, 2023
Larry Kotlikoff: "Maxifi" Your Retirement Planning

Larry Kotlikoff is one of the most fascinating guests I’ve ever had on my Fun With Annuities podcast. Because I’m a perpetual marketer and brander, I was astonished by the value of the software products that Larry has developed and offers to both consumers and financial advisors. I came up with the ultimate tagline to explain the value proposition Larry provides. “So much. So Simple. For So Little.” He can have that one for free because I want more people to be aware of what he has done to help the consumer.

To give you a little slice of his background, Larry is a renowned Economics Professor at Boston University and a NY Times Best Seller. He’s also a Harvard grad to boot. His new book, Money Magic, covers an economists view of how to have more money with less risk in order to live a better life. Count me in, and you better be in line right behind me.

Larry is also the President of Economic Security Planning, Inc. which encompasses numerous companies and patented software packages that you should be aware of and consider implementing to use with your current financial plan. One of those companies is, which is the only personal financial and retirement software that is actually powerful and accurate enough to calculate your highest sustainable living standard…starting today. In addition, it also provides a legitimate plan to maintain and raise that amount for the rest of your life. Once again, count me in and you better be right behind me.

Just to show true domination in the financial software space, Larry also spearheaded to help you decipher every single Social Security choice and scenario and provide real answers so you can make an informed claiming decision. The bottom line is that this incredibly affordable software helps you choose the right benefits at the right time, and completely covers all cases, benefits, and rules. Sign me up once again, and I’m glad you are now eagerly in line as well.

What Larry has done with his colleagues is to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to Social Security and financial planning. He has patented algorithms that can perform customized lifetime budgeting which allows you calculate how much to spend, save, and insure every single year in order to maintain your specific family’s living standard. Yes, this does exist and is available right now to every single person on the planet.

In addition to all of this incredible work, somehow Larry has time to host The Retirement Wisdom podcast on all major platforms. Think of it as an economists take on retirement planning. No sales pitches. No products. Just data and facts. Refreshingly truthful and insightful, in my opinion. After you listen to Fun With Annuities, you need to check it out.

I am definitely going to have Larry back on Fun With Annuities to dig in further with everything he has going on…which is a lot. You are going to love this podcast. Enjoy!

"The fact of the matter is, if you die tomorrow, you're gonna be in heaven, you're not going to need money, you're not gonna be kicking yourself. The real danger is if you live to 100 and you're starving, eating cat food. " — Larry Kotlikoff.

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Larry Kotlikoff discuss:

  • Your ability to affect your social security
  • Mistakes that people make with social securities
  • Two ways economics deals with uncertainty

Key Takeaways:

  • You have the ability to make your retirement benefit bigger or smaller by making decisions. Delaying your claim will increase the amount provided by your benefits.
  • Delaying your claim makes more sense. If you die tomorrow, you won’t need any money. The real risk isn’t in dying early, it’s in living a long time and not having enough to sustain yourself.
  • A Certainty Equivalent Analysis is a way to deal with economic uncertainty by making very conservative assumptions to adjust for risk. The other way is to go along and adjust in light of what happens.

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