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Stan The Annuity Man....Off The Annuity Cuff

Stan Haithcock
April 11, 2023
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About Fun With Annuities Episode #143

Stan The Annuity Man®, a.k.a. Stan Haithcock is known as “America’s Annuity Agent®” and the top independent annuity agent in the United States. Licensed in all 50 states, he is recognized as one of the top thought leaders in the annuity industry. He is the founder of The Annuity Man® LLC, with office locations in Florida and Nevada.

Stan has published 7 books on the annuity topic and prides himself on being a consumer advocate for all things annuity. He represents all annuity companies and works with the life insurance/annuity industry to promote a “contractual guarantees only” approach to educating the public.

Every single day (Monday through Friday), Stan releases an education YouTube video on his Stan The Annuity Man® YouTube channel. He also released a weekly Podcast called The Annuity Man® Podcast that can be found on every major platform. He also is a contributor to major websites like and and is a frequent blogger on his website. The bottom line is that Stan provides more educational content for the consumer than any agent or financial advisor.

Stan The Annuity Man® has spoken at every major financial trade show in the United States and is a featured annuity expert guest on national TV, Radio, and Podcasts. With a financial background that includes some of the largest (past and present) wirehouse organizations such as Dean Witter, Morgan Stanley, Paine Webber, and UBS, Stan brings a financial background that most annuity consultants can’t match.

Stan The Annuity Man® only recommends fixed annuities. He does not sell variable annuities, life insurance, or long term care insurance. His entire focus is on contractual guarantees using all fixed annuity types. Stan is a firm believer that annuities should NOT be purchased for market growth, even though too many advisors push annuities for non-guaranteed return scenarios. Those fixed strategies that Stan uses can contractually provide full principal protection or lifetime income, with the policies able to be customized to fit your specific goals. Even though The Annuity Man® LLC is a top annuity sales leader, the true focus is educating the consumer so that they can make an informed decision on their terms and on their time frame.

In this episode, The Annuity Man discussed:

  • The state of the annuity industry
  • Changes that are needed in the annuity industry
  • Things that the annuity industry needs to get rid of
  • Live your life and stop worrying so much

Key Takeaways:

  • The annuity industry is thriving. Companies show that they are going in the direction of utilizing technology in order to make it easier for consumers to purchase and access annuity services.
  • Annuities are meant to be bought and not sold. Companies must incentivize agents to provide service that will help consumers make the best decision for themselves and not for the agents by making all annuity types have the same compensation level.
  • Annuity companies should strive to become more pro-consumer. The first step towards that is to get rid of backtested numbers which are misleading and fictitious from so many angles. They should also get rid of upfront bonuses.
  • Live your life. Stop worrying so much. Enjoy what you have done and be proud of what you’ve got. Money doesn’t solve problems or get rid of misery but family and health do, and so does having a passion for something and communicating with others.

"Everyone says ‘no one wakes up in the morning and just wants to buy an annuity.’ I have to disagree with that. I think that people that are looking for annuities are looking for a place where they can go get educated, look at the best quotes and then make a decision on their terms and their timeframe." — Stan The Annuity Man

Fun With Annuities Podcast is hosted by America’s Annuity Agent®, Stan Haithcock, The Annuity Man®. Hear brutal annuity facts with no sales pitches from the top independent agent in the country, licensed in all 50 states. Author of 7 books, Stan dives deep on all annuity types and strategies. It’s fun, learning the contractual truths on how annuities actually work and if they’ll fit your personal retirement lifestyle.

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