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059: FIA Insider Wears Mask to Protect Identity and Share Industry Secrets

Stan Haithcock
June 1, 2021
059: FIA Insider Wears Mask to Protect Identity and Share Industry Secrets

About Fun With Annuities Episode #59

I know every week, I'm out here gushing how awesome the celebrity co-host is, but THIS guy is a "can't fricken' believe he agreed to do this" kinda score. Introducing (but not really) this super-secret and super intelligent guest who joins me incognito for Fun With Annuities podcast episode #59. We'll call him Mr. FIA-X because fixed index annuities are his specialty. I ham it up on my channels to edutain you, but I've got my straight face on when I tell you he's wearing a mask so we can protect his identity while we filmed this episode.

Here's a taste of Mr. FIA-X in episode #59, "I think back tested numbers should be illegal. I think the stuff they put in brochures should be illegal. And here's why - because if you're looking at it now, you've already missed it."

Mr. FIA-X airs out the industry's dirty laundry and shares tips on sifting through the gar-bahge in the sales pitch. On the flip side, this FIA insider shares the positives of FIAs, and how you should use them in your portfolio. As always, we're throwin' down the brutal factual truth. But seriously, how are you gonna skip this episode with all the lure and mystery . . .

Who is Mr. FIA-X, and why is he hiding his identity?

He's now retired from the fixed index annuity business but was there from its inception. He has been at the secret annuity carrier meetings and knows the confidential information. FIAs are monster business attached to Godzilla-sized bankrolls. Mr. FIA-X revealed never shared before details that he knew the consumer needed to know. But, they were facts that FIA carriers really don't want consumers to know. That's why we had to protect his identity.

PS- Don't email me and ask me to reveal who it is or confirm your guess. Not gonna do it!

In this episode:

  • The historical journey of indexed annuities and how they’ve gotten to where they are today. 
  • The questions to ask your advisor about your indexed annuities. 
  • The golden rule of annuities - they have the gold, so they make the rules. 
  • The problems with backtested numbers.

Key Takeaways:

  • For anyone to say market upside with no downside or market participation with principal protection is misleading and blatantly false.
  • If you get a big bonus with an annuity, you’re paying for it. You’re financing it over time (it’s not being given away by the annuity company).
  • You need to understand why you want an indexed annuity before you shop for an indexed annuity. 
  • All annuity commissions are built into the cost, but they are hidden from the client.

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