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Kerry Pechter: Annuities For Dummies

Stan Haithcock
August 15, 2023

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Kerry Pechter discuss:

  • Recommended readings for retirees
  • The many types and applications of annuity products
  • Pulling back the curtain on annuity systems
  • Two products that Kerry likes

Key Takeaways:

  • If you buy an annuity book, start with “Annuities For Dummies” because it’s a primer, a foundational book, and much more. Issues of the Retirement Income Journal are also another must-read.
  • Whatever comes after the phrase “all annuities are…” is always false, as you can’t broadly categorize all annuities. They are like restaurants, shoes, or cars; you can’t say they are all bad. Every type of annuity has a different purpose and a different application.
  • Choose a company that puts its policyholders first. You don’t want to be second in line or third in line to management and the shareholders regarding retirement.
  • Kerry shed light on two products that people might want to look into to see if it fits their retirement plan: the variable income annuity and the fixed rate annuity with long-term care.

"Annuities are a bunch of products that have as much that are unalike as they are alike. Each one is a tool for particular kinds of people in particular kinds of life for different kinds of risk management." — Kerry Pechter.

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