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083 Jack Lenenberg: How To Qualify for Long-Term Care

Stan Haithcock
November 16, 2021
083 Jack Lenenberg: How To Qualify for Long-Term Care

About Fun With Annuities Episode #83

After Jack Lenenberg first appeared on the Fun With Annuities podcast, I was inundated with questions from people wanting to know if they could qualify for Long Term Care (LTC) coverage. Here's a link to that episode in case you missed it – "The Best Time to Shop Long-Term Care." So, I invited Jack back on to go over the details of how a person qualifies for LTC and those who aren't eligible as well.

Jack makes it sound so simple when he says things like, "Everyone is living longer today, and the cost of care is increasing tremendously with inflation. So it's important to plan for it. "

Jack went over the three primary types of LTC in detail and the qualification steps and requirements for each. The first type is traditional LTC which is the least available type currently being offered. The second type is an actual LTC Annuity, and the third type is Life Insurance with an LTC component. Jack is like me and represents all carriers and can find you the right solution if you qualify. If you don't qualify, he will send you back to me for a guaranteed issue Confinement Care Rider attached to a fixed annuity. If you drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and smoke four packs of cigarettes every day, you will get the policy. That's seriously a low bar. No pun intended.

Jack went over how LTC policies can be funded and explained how he could customize the plan to fit your specific needs and goals. You can fund these LTC contractual solutions with a lump sum, or you can choose a flexible funding method over time. The bottom line is that he is the #1 LTC expert in the U.S. and can find you the right solution.

He and I also discussed how you could take a current annuity that you own and transfer that to an LTC annuity, then receive TAX-FREE LTC benefits! Wow! Now that's a good idea.

Jack Lenenberg always "brings it" when he is on my podcast. This was a home run of an episode for anyone interested in LTC. Enjoy the firehose of information!

Brief Bio Co-Host Jack Lenenberg

Jack Lenenberg is the guy I go to when my clients have questions about long-term care because I know he is truly independent and unbiased and committed to giving people transparent access to costs and benefits.

In 2011-2021 Jack Lenenberg is ranked as the #1 producer in the United States for hybrid long term care insurance sales (Life + Long Term Care) as well as a Top 10 producer in the United States for traditional LTC insurance sales by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.

Jack Lenenberg is the only producer in the United States that achieved a Top 10 national sales ranking for both types of long-term care insurance policies. He's the guy that helps you sleep at night knowing you have planned ahead. Check out his company, Long Term Care Insurance Partner, and his informative blog Long term care insurance partner blog.

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Jack Lenenberg discuss:  

  • The truth about long-term care
  • Transferring annuity to annuity with an IRS 1035 exchange
  • Traditional versus annuity with long-term care  
  • The full customizability of long-term care

Key Takeaways:  

  • Long-term care plans are flexible, benefits are guaranteed, and you can set up the plan so that if you don’t use the money, it returns to the estate.  
  • An IRS 1035 exchange says you can take a non-IRA annuity using non-qualified assets and transfer them tax free into another annuity.  
  • Traditional policies involve a thorough process and investigation while long-term care annuity policies are the easiest - you can get approval in a day and it takes about 45 minutes. Annuity policies multiply the money we deposit, they will triple your money and provide you long-term care benefits.  
  • Long-term plan is fully customizable from the standpoint of amount of money, inflation, and length of time.

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