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069 Mr. FIA-X: More Index Annuity Secrets

Stan Haithcock
August 10, 2021
069 Mr. FIA-X: More Index Annuity Secrets

About Fun With Annuities Episode #69

Mr. FIA-X joins us again on the Fun With Annuities podcast for episode #69 this week to reveal the secrets of how the “annuity sausage” is made. His first appearance set records for listeners and viewers, and the demand for more of his insights was overwhelming. Of course, I always listen to my Annuity Man followers, so he’s back!

On this podcast, we dug even deeper into the brutal truths about Fixed Index Annuities. Bad chicken dinner seminar agents, beware! We just blew up that misleading sales pitch.

Mr. FIA-X and I discussed in detail how upfront bonuses work and the truth behind them. We also covered index’s made up out of thin air and the misleading sales practice of showing “back-tested” return numbers. Mr. FIAX explains, "Think about a magician… with sleight of hand, they distract you while they’re pulling your watch off. That’s exactly what bonuses are that they wiggle for you to miss the other things."

Like the last time he joined the podcast, Mr. FIA-X is wearing a mask, and we altered his voice to protect his identity. Yes, what he reveals is that serious. Bonus, FIA salespeople hate it when Mr. FIA-X is on the Fun With Annuities podcast.

You are going to love our conversation. Turn it up!

Who is Mr. FIA-X, and why is he hiding his identity?

He's now retired from the fixed index annuity business but was there from its inception. He has been at the secret annuity carrier meetings and knows the confidential information. FIAs are monster business attached to Godzilla-sized bankrolls. Mr. FIA-X revealed never shared before details that he knew the consumer needed to know. But, they were facts that FIA carriers really don't want consumers to know. That's why we had to protect his identity.

PS- Don't email me and ask me to reveal who it is or confirm your guess. Not gonna do it!

In this episode, The Annuity Man and FIA-X discuss:

  • Upfront bonuses on annuity and other bonuses to be wary of
  • Looking for contractual guarantees in annuity contracts
  • Uncapped products and other “modifiers”
  • Monthly sum - what they’re actually saying

Key Takeaways:

  • Buying an annuity for the upfront bonuses is like buying a car to get the stereo
  • Stay smart out there. Companies are never a charity unless they state it, you’re never going to get free money. When someone is selling something for free, or saying they’ll give you money, be wary of that person.
  • There’s no way you’ll find an uncapped product with 100% participation rate with no fees, where you put your money in them and just let it run. There is always a catch.
  • Think about the downside. In a monthly sum, the downside is unlimited. They make it pretty, but you need to think about the facts.

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