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Why Republicans Love Annuities

Stan Haithcock
January 29, 2024
Why Republicans Love Annuities

Hi there. Stan The Annuity Man, America's annuity agent, licensed in all 50 states, including that beautiful one you're sitting in right now. Today's topic is a good one: Why Republicans Love Annuities. Yes, Republicans love annuities. I'm going to do another blog on our friends, the Democrats. But Republicans love annuities. You're saying, "Wait a minute. That makes no sense." I'm going to explain it to you now.

‌At the time of this blog, we're a few weeks out from the coming Presidential Preference Primary Election, and who knows who will win the nominations? I mean, everyone's pretty emotional about it this year, but let's talk about Republicans in general and the way that I look at them. And that's the most important thing. How does Stan The Annuity Man view Republicans? Well, Republicans are pro-business. They don't like taxes. They don't like regulation. They like simplicity. They like people to be independent and live on their own, and that's what they like. They're pro-America. Now, I know if you're a Democrat and you're hearing that, you're going, "Oh, that's a bunch of crap," but let's take a high-road version of that.

‌What Are Annuities?

‌So, looking at the details of Republicans, why would they love annuities? Let's talk about annuities. What are annuities? Annuities are contracts. They're not investments. They're contracts. Well, Republicans like contracts. They like the Constitution. They like that. They like contractual law. They think the country runs well on contractual law. Well, annuities are contracts, so they're going to love contracts. Republicans also like income. They love income. They love to make as much money as humanly possible. Annuities are the only product on the planet that provides a lifetime income stream regardless of how long you live. It started in the Roman times as a gift to the dutiful Roman soldiers and their families as a pension. Hey, Republicans love pensions, right? Republicans love lifetime income. Republicans love Social Security, which is the best inflation annuity on the planet and provides a lifetime income. So, Republicans love income, and annuities are the only product on the planet that provides it.

‌Protecting the Principal

‌Republicans also like protecting the principal. Well, annuities have those products, too. Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities are like CDs. They provide an interest rate. They protect the principal. There are no annual fees. There are no moving parts. It's simple. Fixed Index Annuities provide a CD-type return. They protect the principal. Republicans love protecting what they have. Republicans love protecting the country. Republicans love protecting their money. Republicans love protecting their principal. Does that make sense? Yeah. Republicans do love annuities.

‌Long-Term Care

‌What else do Republicans love? Republicans love taking care of the elderly, the World War II generation that had laid it on the line for the country. The reason that I'm standing here today is for the sacrifices that were put in place by the people generations ago who laid it on the line. Republicans want to take care of the elderly and senior citizens. And with 10,000 baby boomers hitting that retirement age every single day, Republicans love those people because those people laid it on the line. They're the foundation.

Anytime I see a gentleman or gentlewoman with military gear on, I go up and thank them. I really do. And I like buying them dinner, and I'm sure Republicans do as well. They love taking care of the elderly. With annuities, some annuities provide long-term care coverage, confinement care coverage, or enhanced benefits for when you get to those later years in life, and you're not as healthy as you would be. They are transfer of risk situations to take care of those long-term care or confinement care issues where you're not running on all cylinders like you were when you were a youngster.

‌Providing a Legacy

‌I'll tell you the other thing Republicans love. They love family. They love taking care of the family. And what do annuities do to provide that? It provides a legacy. You can buy an annuity that provides legacy. Republicans love life insurance, too, because life insurance provides a lump sum, tax-free death benefit to the heirs. So, Republicans love families. Republicans love families that take care of themselves and provide a legacy for their family members. In essence, when you think annuities, you think Republican, right? You could think Democrat, and I'm going to do another blog on that as well, but we're talking Republicans right now. We're talking about the right. We're talking red state. Red state equals annuities. Annuities equal red state. To me, it's that simple.

‌We Are All One

‌Okay, so here's where the Republicans and Democrats thing blends a little bit. When I talked about all that, I talked about lifetime income, principal protection, and legacy. I talked about long-term care and confinement care, and I talked about Republicans really caring about that and wanting to make sure that that's taken care of for Americans and the love of the country. I think the same thing could be said of Democrats as well. I know Republicans are yelling at me right now, but I think, inherently, we're all one country. And when we have these types of situations, whether it's wars or a war against a pandemic or some of the riots, at the end of the day, we're all one. At the end of the day, we all love each other. At the end of the day, we all want to take care of each other.

‌Annuities Are Contracts

‌In my opinion, Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing: annuities can help all people regardless of their political stripe. And the good part about annuities is they aren't political. They're contracts. They are transfer risk contracts that primarily solve for four things: principal protection, income for life, legacy, and long-term care. Whether you're a Republican or Democrat, I think all of us look at that and say, "Yep, that would be great to take care of all Americans contractually." Now, the good part about annuities is that there are annuities that are government-issued, like Social Security, and I think both Republicans and Democrats love that, and there are annuities that are private issue that you can buy with your own money to solve those goals contractually as well.

‌So, am I political? Not really. I'm a capitalist. I'm a small business owner. And anyone out there who owns a small business, we're not evil. We're just trying to make a living and provide for our family. But we do vote pro-small business. Whether it's a Democrat or Republican, I'm going to go for the person and the party that's going to be behind small business. Because of small businesses, we employ 85% of all people, and that's a fact. It's not the big businesses. It's the small businesses. So, I'm going to vote that way. It could be Republican some year. It could be Democrat. But the bottom line is Red State America; I think they love annuities. They love contracts. They love guarantees. They love transferring risk to annuity and life insurance companies to pay for specific contractual things.

‌It all comes down to family. I think with Red State America, it's all about family. Republicans love family, and they love income for the family. They love a legacy for the family. They love taking care of the older ones. They love protecting the principal and the money they work so hard for. I thought this was an interesting way to look at annuities from a political standpoint. Yes, I'm going to do a blog on the Democrats and talk about their love of annuities, how it fits their mantra, and what they look at as well. But at the end of the day, maybe annuities can bring us together a little bit. Regardless of the party, we all need income. We all need to protect our principal. We all need to take care of our loved ones. We all need to provide for our family from a legacy standpoint.

‌So go and vote. Let's love one another and respect each other's vote. Let's respect the outcome and let's move forward as a country because we certainly need that at this point in time. When it seems like the world's burning down, that's the time for us to unite as a country. Maybe annuities. Maybe Stan The Annuity Man can be that person to help do that. Because you know what? When we break it all down about what we really want, it's kind of the same, isn't it? Republicans, Democrats.

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