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061: John Lenz The Annuity Mechanic Thinks Outside The Box

Stan Haithcock
June 15, 2021
061: John Lenz The Annuity Mechanic Thinks Outside The Box

About Fun With Annuities Episode #61

Can we swear on this channel? This week's Fun With Annuities podcast wastes zero time getting down to brass tacks on real-life situations with lifetime income planning for yourself and beneficiaries. John Lenz of Lenz Financial Group, is our co-host and an annuity super nerd that you all will appreciate. He and I talk about lovingly handcuffing beneficiaries that John coined as "spendthrift" planning.

But make no mistake, John Lenz is one of the most brilliant people I've run across regarding financial advice, financial insight, and custom-designed cases that solve for a specific client's goals or needs. He is a thought monster and leader and unmatched by his overall knowledge base.

In this podcast, John and I discussed some detailed case examples he has currently worked on and his insights on how life insurance and annuities can contractually solve problems. He shares, "Money can bring the worst out in people. The last thing you want is everyone fighting over Money after the funeral. Annuities provide an excellent layer of income protection. And if insurance companies stick to their knitting and remember what they're best at, it'll be a healthy environment for them."

John's wickedly smart sense of humor combined with his decades of financial experience is the reason you will love this podcast. I try and stay out the way once he starts "factually flowing." John Lenz is one of those people you definitely need to be aware of, and he will be an ongoing guest on my "Fun with Annuities" podcast. John's financial IQ is going to blow you away. Ears open, pencils up.

Brief Bio on Co-host: John Lenz

This week’s celebrity co-host is an annuity rock star who has seen it all with 40 years in the business. John Lenz is the founder and President of the Lenz Financial Group, a Simplicity Group company, and full-service brokerage agency which distributes life, annuity and long-term care insurance products to insurance professionals and financial advisors. They provide complete back-office support to experienced advisors in the areas of life insurance, estate planning, and financial planner. LFG is also a principal member of the Insurance Designers of America.

He wants to make sure people have a good buying experience and get what THEY need. So, his goal is to make sure financial professionals have the tools make that happen. This guy is plugged into the markets and there is no one better to tell us what’s new and what we need to be paying attention to.

In This Episode:

  • Spendthrift planning.
  • Customizing the annuity contracts to achieve the specific goals you have in mind.
  • Medicaid planning using annuities.
  • Nonqualified stretch plans.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is nothing magical about the ability to manage money. It can be difficult regardless of the age of the beneficiary.
  • Working with an elder care attorney or an estate planning attorney can often help when deciding how to best provide for your beneficiaries.
  • There are many different types of annuities that you can choose from. If you work with the correct agent, there is a lot of flexibility for your specific situation.
  • Make sure the agent you’re working with understands the business.

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