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053: Owen Schrum discusses Bitcoin and explains Blockchain

Stan Haithcock
April 20, 2021
053: Owen Schrum discusses Bitcoin and explains Blockchain

About Fun With Annuities Episode #53

Let's talk bitcoin and blockchain people. Blocka-whaaat? That's right -surprise, surprise. Stan The Annuity Man® is talking about something other than annuities. Welcome to the first Celebrity episode on the Fun With Annuities Podcast.

We're broadening our retirement income horizons. What better way to do that than to invite some super-smart finance pros onto the mic to throw down what they know and share their wealth-o-knowledge.

Joining me is Owen Schrum, a personal friend from when we were partners at Morgan Stanley back in the day. He's also one of the most respected financial advisors in the country. Owen fully explains how blockchain and bitcoin work and why technology is here to stay. We also thoroughly discuss crypto-currencies and how governments are looking at this from a taxation and tracking standpoint. Owen also goes into detail on how Bitcoin (and all crypto-currencies) use blockchain technology.

The biggest question I had, "Why should we over 55ers give this tech a look for an investment opportunity?" If these topics seem "fuzzy" and hard to get up to speed on, Owen's easy-to-understand descriptions and examples will fully clarify any questions you may have. Y'all know I don't pass the compliments out easy, so when I tell ya, this guy is a pure pro run to get your headphones and give this one a listen. I did my best to ask the right questions and honestly . . . shut up and listen. I can almost hear your gasp of disbelief through the virtual abyss. Just when you thought you had me pegged, kapow!

Bio Celebrity Co-host: Owen Schrum

Owen Schrum, President of Schrum Private Wealth Management has been around for a while almost as long as me so he's seen many market cycles and helped his clients succeed through all of them. He's one of the select few financial advisors to successfully earn the prestigious Certified Investment Management AnalystSM, CIMA® designation. He's someone who's deeply passionate about helping people achieve a level of predictability and financial security that helps them live life well. I have come across many financial advisors over the years, and Owen is among the smartest. You might have seen some of his columns in US News and World Report, but he also has an interesting blog I suggest you check out. You can also get more information on Owen and Schrum Private Wealth Management on their website.

In This Episode:

  • What cryptocurrency is and how blockchain works.
  • Losing Bitcoin and the future of the cash dollar.
  • Looking at cryptocurrency as an investment.
  • Normalizing cryptocurrency with direct and indirect regulations.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a speculation tool, an investment, but a very speculative one. That is, an investment in a new technology called Blockchain.
  • Blockchain is the internet of things, of assets. Bitcoin is the application running on the blockchain.
  • Right now, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions are essentially untraceable.
  • Blockchain is a technology that is not going away.

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