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It's Time for A Financial Intervention: Shootin' It Straight with Stan®

Stan Haithcock
July 20, 2022
It's Time for A Financial Intervention: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

Take a Seat My Annuity Friend

The topic of the day, it's time for a financial intervention, or is it time for a financial intervention? I guess you have to ask yourself that question. I was on a phone call with a guy today and it was one of those things where I told him “You've already won the game, why are you still playing?” I did a video on that, that's just blowing up, that people are going, "Yeah, that's me." But it was like showing a painting to a blind person. I said, "You've got enough money not to have to annuitize. You have enough money that you don't have to put your money at risk in the markets. You have enough money to where if you just protect the principal with either treasuries or CDs or MYGAs, Fixed Rate Annuities (not indexed.)” Fixed Rate Annuities, so you can-do short-term maturities. You've won the game. You can just peel off interest.” He could not grasp that. So, I'm like, you need a financial intervention.

And I told this guy, "We need to have a financial intervention for you," and this might be you as well. We're going to bring your family and your wife, your spouse, your friends, or whoever and they're going to read the letter that says, "You are addicted. You're addicted to the markets." 2008, yes, I was there. During this time, markets are a little volatile. 2008 markets were a little volatile, and everybody in 2008 would say, "I'm never going to have that happen again. I'm never ever, going to take that type of risk again. I'm going to make sure I have the income floor in place and contractual guarantees in place." And what has happened? Here we go, 14 years later and every single person has forgotten that. And now things are a little volatile.

Be Honest With Yourself

I'm asking you from a financial intervention standpoint, is it time to sit down with yourself and others and me, and be honest, do you really want to subject yourself to the daily ups and downs of politics and the market and tracking it and hoping that everything goes well and hoping you get a bump? I don't know about you, but that would wear me out. I love contractual guarantees. I'm in the financial business because I was trying to understand it. But most people that have accumulated wealth, have done it in a slow, methodical way. I always preached you chapter two of your life, what does that mean to you? Does that mean lifestyle or does that mean you are always trying to chase markets or chase dreams? Let me put it to you another way. Currently, there are Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity interest rates that you can lock in at four or four and a half percent of whatever, guaranteed contractual with good companies. I know that's going to probably be comical years from now, but right now that's pretty good.

Why are you going to chase an additional 200 basis points? (In English that's 2.) Or 300 basis points and put your money at risk when you can get the four or whatever that is on the duration contractually. Why are you putting your money at risk? Is it going to change your life that much? Run the number on the money you're putting at risk, run it at 4% and then run it at 7% and then ask yourself, do you really need to take that risk? Do you really need to care and watch and track and listen to Jim Kramer in the morning? Do you really need to do that or can you solve it with contractual guarantees? Do you need annuities? Maybe not. Do you need all your money in annuities? Heck no. You don't. The annuity industry frowns upon you putting more than 50%. I've seen us push to 60% when we make a good case for it, but that's the bottom line. The question is, what are you doing? What do you want the money to do? What are you trying to achieve? What's the ultimate goal?

If you say to me, “You know what, Stan, the Annuity Man, America's annuity agent®, my ultimate goal is market growth and I want to be there when it all pops and rebounds” and all I say is great and never buy an annuity under the premise that it has market growth and principal protection. It does not. It sounds too good to be true every single time. For those people that are buying that, they definitely need a financial intervention. For those people that are buying the upfront bonus because it's free money, I think you might need to do a self-induced financial intervention.

It is very eerily similar to addictions that people struggle with. Whether it's a food addiction, alcohol addiction, a pill addiction, a drug addiction, whatever, I know you're saying “Stan, that's pretty severe to make that correlation.” Is it? Is it severe? It's coming from a recovering alcoholic, 17 years sober, and very proud of that. Every day is a win. But are the markets an addiction to you? Is the chasing of growth or yield an addiction to you? Is the chasing of the too good to be true story and addiction for you? I want you to really think about that for a second and then think about, have you really actually won the game? And if so, then why are you still playing? Can you survive in a contractually guaranteed world?

Walking Away

Now, let's talk really hard stuff here. For people that's been in the markets for decades and decades and decades and been on the ups and downs of the volatility and you've done well, but you're at chapter two of your life, the biggest question, the biggest hurdle you're going to have to ask yourself and overcome is, can you walk away from it? Can you? I don't know. Maybe you can, maybe you can't, but you need to think about that. It brings me back to something and it's kind of a joke, but you walk up to the doctor, and you say, “You know what? My arm hurts when I move it like this.” And the doctor says, “Well, then don't move it like that.” So, the people that say “These markets are driving me crazy and keeps me up at night and I'm not sleeping good because I'm watching it.” and I'm the doctor going, then why are you doing it? Do you really need to do it? I mean, with interest rates where there are, and they are moving up, wouldn't you look at the possibility of making this simple? Simple is good. Simple is not too good to be true.

I had a person, they said “That just sounds too good to be true, Stan, you've won the game. Why are you still playing it? And the solution being contractual guarantees, that sounds too good to be true.” Simple is not too good to be true. Simple is simple. It's achievable. It's doable. And I want you to shut all of the TVs off. I want you to stop watching the crap, the Dow, Bitcoin, all of it, stop it. Most of you out there have enough money to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

We need to connect, go to, schedule a 30-minute call with me and it will be the most fun and brutally factual call you'll ever have in your life. Just be prepared for it to be a roller-coaster of facts. I'm not going to be your friend. And if we need to have an intervention, I will have one with you. But after that, you'll understand if you've won the game or not. And if you can solve this stuff with contractual guarantees only.

Never forget to live in reality, not the dream, with annuities and contractual guarantees! You can use our calculators, get all six of my books for free, and most importantly book a call with me so we can discuss what works best for your specific situation.

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