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063 Dennis Miller: Your Comfortable Retirement Guarantee

Stan Haithcock
June 28, 2021
063 Dennis Miller: Your Comfortable Retirement Guarantee

About Fun With Annuities Episode #63

Dennis Miller and I go way back, and he and I have been talking annuities and retirement income via each other's blogs and shows for years. He's the founder of the "Miller On The Money" newsletter….which is FREE to consumers! So, go ahead and follow the link over there to his website and sign up for that now… I'll wait.

He is the author of "Retirement Reboot" but is currently focused on his "Miller On The Money" newsletter to help people navigate retirement challenges.

In episode #63, Dennis chimes in, "I took annuities, CDs, bonds, dividend-paying stocks, preferred dividend-paying stocks, and I sliced every one of those just to what was really guaranteed. Are they guaranteed to beat inflation? What I'm telling my readers today is, if you're going to survive as a retiree and make your money last, you've got to diversify and combine them."

Dennis is unique to the financial newsletter space. He's never been an advisor or sold any financial products. He's a former Marine. He's a former nationally recognized consultant with the top Fortune 500 companies and has been an international lecturer for over 40 years. To say Dennis has been there and done that is an understatement. Enjoy the podcast and hit us up if you have questions.

Brief Bio on Co-host Dennis Miller:

This week's celebrity co-host did not start out as a financial writer. In fact, Dennis Miller had a very successful career as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies and an educator. He was happy in his retirement until 2008 when he and his friends saw the value of their retirement portfolios drop by as much as 40%. The rates on CDs plummeted, and the traditionally held view that retirees could live off the interest of their investments no longer held true. So Dennis put his years of being a student of investing to work and wrote a book for retirees called Retirement Reboot. Following the success of that book, he started a free newsletter for retirees called Miller on the Money, where he tells it like it is and provides practical advice in easy-to-understand terms. Dennis gives his readers access to experts in different investing topics and over the years I have spoken with him many times whenever his readers need the straight truth about annuities. I always enjoy talking to him because he is in the trenches with his readers as someone who is working to make his retirement savings last.

In This Episode, The Annuity Man and Dennis Miller discuss:

  • What ROMEO is and how it influences Dennis and his writing. 
  • Why inflation is a personal thing. 
  • Diversifying for income guarantee and reducing risk. 
  • Answering the questions Dennis’s readers are asking. 

Key Takeaways:

  • You must diversify if you are going to survive as a retiree and not rely solely on any one income stream, including Social Security.
  • Plan for Social Security, in some form, but when you’re running the numbers it is not a guaranteed number.
  • Once you retire, your mindset towards money changes.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, you’re better off continuing to do your research. 

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