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068 Tom Hegna: Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!

Stan Haithcock
August 3, 2021
068 Tom Hegna: Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!

About Fun With Annuities Episode #68

So happy that Tom Hegna joined me for Fun With Annuities episode #68. Tom is an expert on all things concerning retirement and retirement income. Together, we turn on a firehose of factual information on retirement and how annuities can properly be a part of your plan. He is an author, economist, and sought-after speaker. For the details and links pop down to his breif bio below.

Tom & I jumped into his 7 STEPS TO RETIREMENT and talked about addressing current and future inflation. Tom specializes in creating straightforward and powerful retirement solutions solely based on math and science NOT opinions or sales pitches. Sound familiar? We see eye to eye on dealing facts to build your retirement and living the reality, not the dream.

Tom hit us with this nugget, “They found that the happiest people in retirement were those people who were surrounded by their families and friends, and had guaranteed paychecks every single month."

We also discussed the current interest rate environment and solid retirement income strategies that Tom recommends. Hit play, player.

Brief Bio on Co-host Tom Hegna:

When you list the top people who have influenced today’s financial advisors, today’s celebrity co-host is one of them. Tom Hegna CLU, ChFC, CASL, is an economist, author, and retirement expert. He specializes in creating simple and powerful retirement solutions. Like me, he has the unique ability to pump up a crowd, make people laugh and solve complex financial problems using easy-to-understand words, ideas and stories. That is why I am a big fan. He’s been featured in Business, Forbes, Money Rates, and many other leading publications. As a former First Vice President at New York Life, retired Lieutenant Colonel, economist, and one of the most dynamic speakers in the country, Tom has delivered over 5,000 seminars on his signature "Paychecks and Playchecks" retirement approach, helping Baby Boomers and seniors retire the "optimal" way. He is also one the industry’s leading trainers and coaches and has condensed a large chunk of his considerable knowledge into 5 books.

  • Paychecks and Playchecks: Retirement Solutions for Life.
  • Retirement Income Masters: Secrets of the Pros.
  • Paycheques and Playcheques: Retirement Solutions for Canadians.
  • Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! Seven Steps to Retirement Security
  • Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! Seven Steps to Retirement Security for Canadians

I encourage you to follow him on Twitter @TomHegnaSpeaks, his YouTube channel, or read some of his latest blog posts.

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Tom Henga discuss:

  • Saying no to DIY retirement
  • What the right age for retirement is
  • How annuity addresses inflation
  • Securing guaranteed lifetime income with annuities

Key Takeaways:

  • Retirement is not a DIY project, do it with a professional.
  • The age for retirement would not be the same for many. If you want to get the optimal age, you have to spend some time calculating for all the factors that go into it.
  • Be creative in doing something that can help your retirement. It’s okay if you have to do a side-hustle or work longer.
  • Having a huge income guaranteed allows you to make riskier and therefore more rewarding investments.
  • When the account is drawn down to zero, the annuity company is still on the hook to pay.

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