Pros and Cons of Annuities | CANNEX - The Facts About FIAs

Here's another video in a series of videos I did with Gary Baker from CANNEX. We'll be talking about the Pros and Cons of FIAs or Fixed Index Annuities. Is this the type of annuity that suits your needs? Stay tuned and let us help you make an informed decision.

Key Moments in this Episode

01:31 Fixed Index Annuities
03:59 Why purchase an Index Annuity?
05:54 Limitations
06:26 Bonuses are not free
06:55 Income Rider
08:04 FIA Income Rider Quote
09:55 DIA Quote
11:11 Summary


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When Stan The Annuity Man decided to start his own YouTube channel in the summer of 2019, he wanted it to be the go-to place for consumers to learn about all things annuity on their own terms.

He hired the best YouTube producers, editors, and consultants in the country and then laid out an almost impossible release a brand new video every single weekday (Monday through Friday).

The goal was big, bold, and was the typical Stan The Annuity Man “nothing in moderation” approach. The first video was launched on the Stan The Annuity Man YouTube channel on Monday, September 30th of 2019.

Stan hasn’t missed a day (Monday through Friday) since and doesn’t plan on backing off this daily pace in the foreseeable future.

The obvious winner with this disciplined and volume approach is the annuity consumer. No more having to go to those “bad chicken dinner annuity seminars” (unless you are hungry) or sit in an office with an eager high-pressure selling agent. You can now educate yourself on annuities on your terms.

Stan’s videos are typically 8 to 10 minutes long and are a firehose of brutally factual annuity information...with a little Southern humor thrown in for good measure.

Stan The Annuity Man has decades of experience in the financial services industry. Before becoming “America’s Annuity Agent,” Stan worked for large wirehouse firms like Dean Witter, Paine Weber, Morgan Stanley, and UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland). He understands markets, and more importantly, the specific roles that annuity contracts can play in a specific portfolio.

Annuities are life insurance products that can be used in retirement accounts or non-IRA accounts. Before you buy an annuity, you need to fully understand the different types of annuities, annuity fees/management fees, the rate of interest for each strategy, how surrender charges work, when you should start receiving payments/stream of income, and how each annuity type can contractually fit into your retirement planning strategies. And that’s just the start of what you will learn on the Stan The Annuity Man YouTube channel.

A lot of the YouTube video topics that Stan has filmed were suggested by listeners and clients so that they could better understand a specific topic or product. You can do the same. Just email Stan The Annuity Man at or call him at 800.509.6473. You can also submit questions or topic ideas by mail to The Annuity Man - P.O. Box 2225 - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082.

What sets Stan The Annuity Man apart from all other selling annuities is his “Contractual Guarantees Only” approach. He is a firm believer that annuities should NOT be purchased for stock market or mutual fund type returns. You always own annuities for what they WILL DO, not what they might do.

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