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MYGA vs Fixed Annuity

Today we're going to talk about Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities versus Fixed Annuities. >> READ MORE

What Is An Income Rider On An Annuity

A lot of annuities being sold today have these attached income riders. Sometimes they sound too good to be true. >> READ MORE

Is An Index Annuity Fixed Or Variable

The question is; is an indexed annuity fixed or variable? There's a lot more to it than just the short answer. >> READ MORE

How To Choose An Annuity

Good topic today, how to choose an annuity. I'm going to tell you how to go about it. >> READ MORE

Deferred Income Annuities: Pros And Cons

Today's topic is deferred income annuity pros and cons. >> READ MORE

How Do Interest Rates Affect Annuities

Everybody is asking me this, how do interest rates affect annuities? >> READ MORE

What Is A Single Premium Immediate Annuity

What is a single premium immediate annuity? How does it work? Should you own one? >> READ MORE

What Is a QLAC: Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract

Today's topic is what a QLAC, qualifying longevity annuity contract, is? >> READ MORE

How Do Insurance Companies Make Money On Fixed Index Annuities

Today's topic is how annuity companies make money on fixed index annuities. >> READ MORE

How to Buy an Annuity: What Type of Annuity Is Best?

Today, we're going to talk about what type of annuity is best. >> READ MORE

SPIA Calculator: Two Ways to Find the Best Quote

Today's topic is SPIA calculator and two ways to find the best quote. >> READ MORE

How to Buy an Annuity: Is It Possible to Time the Purchase?

Everyone asks me whether it is possible to time the purchase. Is there a sweet spot? >> READ MORE

Should You Get Out of an Annuity?

Should you get out of your annuity? We're going to cover that and talk about market value, adjustments, and surrender charges comparing to other annuities. >> READ MORE

How to Buy an Annuity: What Are the Questions You Need to Answer

What we're going to talk about today are the questions that you need to answer when considering if an annuity of any type is valid. >> READ MORE

How to Buy an Annuity: What Age Is Too Old or Too Young?

Today's topic on buying an annuity is what age is too old or too young to buy an annuity? >> READ MORE

How to Adjust for Inflation With a MYGA

I feel good because we have a good topic today about multi-year guarantee annuities and how they solve for inflation. >> READ MORE

Replay: Live Q&A What is the Best Annuity for You?

Recorded: Saturday, November, 20 at 12 p.m. EST. Stan the Annuity Man kicked off the Live Q&A with a brief intro to the 2 questions you need to answer if you’re trying to determine what’s the best annuity for you. >> READ MORE

How to Buy an Annuity: How Does the Paperwork Process Work

Today's topic is how the paperwork process works. How that all application paperwork stuff works from start to finish. >> READ MORE

How Annuities Address Social Security and Inflation

Hi there, Stan The Annuity Man, America's annuity agent, licensed in all 50 states, talks about only one word today, inflation. >> READ MORE

How to Buy an Annuity: IRA, Non-IRA, Roth-IRA

This topic today is part of the series that we're doing on how to buy an annuity. >> READ MORE

Indexed Annuity Scams: Back Tested Annuity Returns

Today’s topic is about indexed annuity scams and these back-tested return numbers that seem so good. >> READ MORE

My Expert Annuity Opinion On Clark Howard

Glad you joined me today. We're going to talk about Clark Howard. >> READ MORE

How to Buy an Annuity: What is Suitable and Appropriate?

Today’s topic is a good one, a big one, an important one. What is suitable and appropriate when buying an annuity? >> READ MORE

How to Find the Best MYGA Annuity Rates

So you're looking for the best MYGA annuity rates? You can find the best MYGA rates at >> READ MORE

The Tax Advantages of Owning a QLAC

Today we're talking about the tax advantages of a QLAC, a qualified longevity annuity contract. >> READ MORE

Annuity Returns Potential vs Contractual

Today, we're talking about annuity returns potential versus contractual unicorns chasing the butterflies or the contractual realities. Which one's better? >> READ MORE

What Happens to an Annuity if the Stock Market Crashes?

The question is, what happens to an annuity if the stock market crashes? Are fixed index annuities good against a stock market crash? What if the insurance company backing it goes under? What's your protection? >> READ MORE

How to Buy an Annuity: How much money do you need?

What we're going to talk about today is how much money you need from the standpoint of minimums and how the annuity industry looks upon that question from a legal standpoint. >> READ MORE

Your 4 Choices at the End of a MYGA Term

So what are your four choices at the end of your MYGA term? Make sure you know your options so you can make the best decision for your specific situation. Let’s go. >> READ MORE

Lifetime Income Benefit Rider Vs. Annuitization

So you're looking for income, and you want to know the difference between a lifetime income benefit rider and what's called annuitization. >> READ MORE

Questions to Ask Your Annuity Salesperson

Today we're talking about annuity comparisons, QLACs, Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts, versus DIAs, Deferred Income Annuities. >> READ MORE

Knowing the Difference Between DIAs vs QLACs

Today we're talking about annuity comparisons, QLACs, Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts, versus DIAs, Deferred Income Annuities. >> READ MORE

Unique Benefits That Annuities Offer

Today, we're going to talk about the benefits that only annuities offer, and there's two unique benefits that we're going to talk about and go into detail and why it matters and why I think it's important as you consider an annuity in your portfolio. >> READ MORE

How Much Tax Do You Pay on an Annuity

How much tax do you pay on an annuity? To understand all of this we must cover the types of accounts you can have annuities in, that's a big determinant of the taxes, and how the tax is calculated. >> READ MORE

How to Find the Highest MYGA Rates

So you're shopping for the highest MYGA rates? Let's talk about how to find the best and highest MYGA rates because that's how you need to look at them. >> READ MORE

QLACs: How to Use IRA Money for Lifetime Income

Today let’s talk about QLACs, how to use IRA money for lifetime income, how that all sets up, why QLACS are even on the planet, and if it might be a fit for you. >> READ MORE

How the Economy Affects Annuity Rates

The question is, how does the economy affect annuity rates? That's a fundamental question to a very detailed answer because annuities are not all the same. >> READ MORE

The topic of the day, MYGA secrets.

So if you're not familiar with MYGAs, let me go through it quickly. Multi-year guarantee annuity, that's what MYGA stands for. >> READ MORE

How To Shop For Annuities

Shopping annuities can be tricky when you don’t know what to look for. With all the choices it’s important to find the one that works best for you. >> READ MORE

How Annuity Companies Make Money

So, annuity companies, how do they make money? There's a reason that annuity companies have significant buildings and that they do very, very well. Why? It's because they know when we're going to die. >> READ MORE

Digging Into the Exclusion Ratio for SPIAs

So you’re looking into exclusion ratios for immediate annuities, SPIAs, also known as Single Premium Immediate Annuities. >> READ MORE

Are Annuities FDIC Insured?

The question you have asked, which I'm going to answer quickly, is, “are annuities FDIC insured?” >> READ MORE

What Does the Maturity Date on an Annuity Mean?

What does the maturity day on an annuity mean? Great question. Why do companies put maturity dates on policies? >> READ MORE

What Is a Cost Basis on an Annuity?

So what is a cost basis on an annuity? I'm going to talk about the cost basis of all different types of annuities. >> READ MORE

Laddering Investments: Annuity Ladder Principal Protection

We're going to talk about laddering investments and protecting your principal all at the same time. >> READ MORE

3 Tips To Financially Care For Your Loved Ones

So all of us want to take care of our loved ones financially. I mean, that's a goal. >> READ MORE

What Happens to Annuities if Insurance Companies Fail?

What happens when your annuity provider goes bust? Can you lose money in your annuity? >> READ MORE

Managing Cash Flow In Retirement: SPIAs

Okay, so let's talk about single premium immediate annuity's acronym, SPIA, S-P-I-A. >> READ MORE

Is An Annuity A Good Investment For An Elderly Person

So, is an annuity a good investment for an older person, a retiree, a senior citizen, a World War II generation? This is a big-time serious topic. >> READ MORE

Is An Annuity Affected By The Stock Market

The stock market and annuities are giant topics, and some are affected by the stock market, and some aren't. >> READ MORE

Why Not to Buy an Annuity: Top 5 Reasons

The five reasons not to buy an annuity. Really? Yeah. Not everybody needs an annuity. >> READ MORE

How To Know if Your Annuity Is Qualified

Let’s start by explaining what a qualified annuity is exactly. It's an annuity where you've used funds that has not been taxed like your traditional IRA, which leads me to a little bit of a rant. >> READ MORE

Why Renewal Rates Are the Secret to FIAs

Today's topic is a good one. How renewal rates are the secret sauce, the secret formula, the secret to fixed indexed annuities. >> READ MORE

What Are The Disadvantages Of Investing In An Annuity

As I’ve said before, you just can't say annuity because there's many annuity types, so it really comes down to the type of annuity that you either own or you're considering owning. >> READ MORE

How To Get Out Of A Fixed Annuity

So the question is, how to get out of a fixed annuity? The easy answer is to die, but that's not a very good strategy and undoubtedly not replicable. >> READ MORE

How To Use Annuities To Strengthen Your Portfolio

A question I get asked often is, what percentage of your portfolio should be in annuities? Really good question but there are no perfect answers. >> READ MORE

Pensions and Annuities: What You Need To Know

So the question is, what's the difference between a pension and an annuity? Is a pension the same as an annuity? >> READ MORE

How To Get The Most Of Your Inherited Annuity

A lot of people are calling me because they've inherited an annuity. Let’s cover some of the recent laws that affect inherited annuities and what you need to know so you can make an informed decision on your terms and on your timeframe. >> READ MORE

Maximizing Your Investments With Fixed Indexed Annuities

“Got guarantees?” should be the annuity industry's mantra to words because that's what they are. They're contractual guarantees. They're transfer of risk products, period. >> READ MORE

The Fundamental Questions When Comparing Pension Annuities vs. a Lump Sum

Make sure you're getting the most out of your retirement and not falling into the common traps of the industry. Here are some key things to look for when comparing Pension Annuities vs. Lump Sums. >> READ MORE

Retirement Income Planning Starts with a Guaranteed Income Floor

Are you tired of being fed Retirement Income advice with underlying annuity sales pitches? Let us walk you through what to look for to create a retirement plan that works the best for your specific situation. >> READ MORE

A Longevity Annuity Means Never Outliving Your Money

Let us help you make sure you master all the details of your longevity annuity so you can decide if they will be an asset to your specific retirement plan. >> READ MORE

Independent Annuity Advice With No Sales Pitches

Are you tired of being fed annuity advice with underlying sales pitches? Let us walk you through what to look for to create a retirement plan that works the best for your specific situation. >> READ MORE

Mastering Your Pension Plan

A pension plan is an annuity payment that guarantees a lifetime income stream. Now, it depends on your employer, how they work and how they've set things up, whether you can add your spouse or partner to that lifetime income stream. >> READ MORE

Creating A Master Plan For Your Inherited Annuity

There are many misconceptions concerning Inherited Annuities. Make sure you’re informed enough to avoid making costly mistakes. >> READ MORE

How To Master Deferred Income Annuities

Do you know what makes a Deferred Income Annuity different? Let us guide you through what you should know, so you don’t let confusion get in the way of your retirement plans. >> READ MORE

Are You Keeping Up With The Average Retirement Income?

Don’t let life catch up to you too fast. Let us help you make sure your retirement savings plan is prepared so your income can be the way you want it, without any hidden surprises. >> READ MORE

How To Supersize Your Annuity Income

Make sure you're getting the most out of your annuity income and not falling into the common traps of the industry, with these few simple things to focus on. >> READ MORE

Annuity Age Restriction - How Young Is Too Young

Don’t fall for the annuity industry’s generalized advice. Let me explain what information you need to make the best decision for your specific situation. >> READ MORE

How to Set Up Your Annuity Death Benefits The Right Way

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and what’s right for you is based on your specific retirement planning needs. >> READ MORE

Annuities In A Trust: How Does It Work?

When looking into putting an annuity into a trust, make sure you are informed enough to avoid the bombshells and set yourself up for success. >> READ MORE

401K Annuity: How It Fits With Your Retirement Plans

There are many common misconceptions about the relationship between Annuities and 401ks. >> READ MORE

Replay: Live MYGA Q&A with Stan The Annuity Man

Recorded: Saturday, May 8th at 12 p.m. EDT. Stan the Annuity Man kicked off his first Live Q&A with a brief intro to MYGAs (Multiyear Guaranteed Annuities). >> READ MORE

Common Questions Answered about Inherited Annuities

Almost everyone wants to make sure their loved ones are taken care of. So how does an inherited annuity do just that? >> READ MORE

Annuity vs. Stock Market - Which is Better?

Believe it or not, I still get this question all the time. Only you know the right answer for your retirement planning. >> READ MORE

Is a Pension Plan Just a Good ‘Ole Annuity?

Yep. A pension plan is an annuity payment that guarantees a lifetime income stream. Now, it depends on your employer and how they've set things up. >> READ MORE

Retirement Annuity: What Is the Best?

The annuity industry has done a poor job educating the public on the history of the product dating back to the Roman Times, and the unique benefit proposition that only annuities can provide. >> READ MORE

Types of Annuities: What Are The Best?

What is the best type of annuity? That’s a good question. But in the annuity world, there are no perfect answers, just bad sales pitches. >> READ MORE

Transfer 401k to Annuity: Should You?

With over 10,000 baby boomers reaching retirement age every single day, many of these retiring workers are asking questions like “Can I move my 401k without penalty?” and “Should I transfer my 401k to an annuity.” >> READ MORE

Retirement Annuity: Do You Need One?

Approaching retirement? Have you considered your options? Let me help you out with that. Read this blong and give me a call we'll get it figured out. >> READ MORE

Lifetime Income: How Does It Work?

Lifetime income sounds pretty nice if you ask me. Of course there's always more to it than how it sounds. All is explained here. >> READ MORE

Immediate Annuity Rates: Defer to SPIA Strategy

It’s kind of sad that the annuity category is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance during this Coronavirus crisis. >> READ MORE

Deferred Income Annuity: How Does It Work?

Deferred Income Annuities (DIAs) are continuing to grow in popularity because they are a personal pension plan with you determining when the payments start. >> READ MORE

What Are Annuities Currently Paying?

No one wants to be scammed. Especially when it involves getting paid. Knowing what annuities are currently paying ease those thoughts. >> READ MORE

Coronavirus Economy | Using Fear To Sell Annuities

Coronavirus is impacting the economy so much. Because of that some agents are using that fear to get you to buy something you don't need. Call me and I'll clear things up. >> READ MORE

Annuity Income Rider: How Do They Work?

Annuity income riders have special rules. Rules that are explained in great detail in this blog. Check it out and grab the books while you're at it. >> READ MORE

Annuity Scams: Beware of Perfect Answers

No one likes scams, especially annuity scams. The scammers are just trying to steal your money. I won't let that happen. Let me help and book a call. >> READ MORE

Pension Fund vs Retirement Annuity

I'm sure you've heard of a pension fund. Well what if I told you how the benefits of a pension and even better a retirement annuity. >> READ MORE

Longevity Annuity: What Is It?

Longevity annuties are something to keep in mind when shopping for your retirement plans. Of course I've got all the info on the matter. >> READ MORE

Immediate Annuity Rates: Defer to SPIA Strategy

Immediate annuity rates. Sound familiar? No? Then make yourself familiar because they could really help you out. Book a call while you're here. >> READ MORE

Retirement Annuity Calculator: How Does It Work?

People love knowing their rates so they have the best contractual guarantee. Using a retirement annuity calculator is perfect for those kind of people. >> READ MORE

How to Build an Annuity Ladder

Annuity ladders. No they aren't for climbing, but like a real ladder to get to unreachable places, they also have benefits. Reach your retirement goals here. >> READ MORE

What Is A Fixed Index Annuity

Fixed index annuities are hot commadities, but there's still some infor you probably don't know. Check it out and book a call while you're at it. >> READ MORE

Annuitization: How Does It Work?

Annuitization. Have you hear of that before? No? Well allow me to explain if great detail exactly what you need to know about it. >> READ MORE

Annuity Income Rider | What Is It?

Annuity income riders. What are they? Do I need one? How do they work? All good questions, and I have all the answers. Book a call! >> READ MORE

Immediate Annuity: How Does It Work?

Immediate annuities are great if you're looking for instant income. To see if one is right for you have a quick read right here and help yourself to free books. >> READ MORE

IRA Annuity: Should Annuities Be Used With IRAs

IRA annuity, sounds interesting right? Well if that's interesting just wait to you find out what it does. Book a call with me and I'll tell you even more. >> READ MORE

Principal Preservation Are You At That Stage

There are many stages of retirement and one of those is principal preservation. To know if you're at that stage simply read this blog. >> READ MORE

What is a 1035 Exchange Transfer with Annuities

You may or may not have heard of a 1035 exchange. If not, don't worry, that's what I'm here for. No need to ask, I've got all the answers. >> READ MORE

Retirement Income Strategies Using Annuities

To plan is to have strategies. Retirement income is the best place to use strategies. Allow me to share with you the best strategies I know. >> READ MORE

Coronavirus Economy | Determine If You Need An Annuity

Annuities aren't for everyone. With Coronavirus the economy is getting hurt and there's no reason to hurt your bank also. I'll help. >> READ MORE

Annuity Death Benefits | How Do They Work?

One wonderful annuity benefit is for your loved ones after you pass. Understanding the annuity death benefits is important to get the best bang for your buck. >> READ MORE

Annuity Calculator | Best Ways To Use It

Annuity calculators are the easiest way to find your best contractual guarantee for your situation. I'll show you how it's done right here. >> READ MORE

Annuities and Inflation Contractual Facts Matter

Along with understanding the benefits of annuities you must also understand the inflation with annuities. Get the best for you. >> READ MORE

Retirement Annuity Plan | Do You Have One?

Are you already planning for retirement, but feel stuck as to what do next? Here's a step by step so you can get everything you've earned. >> READ MORE

Inherited Annuity | What are my choices?

Inheriting an annuity can be confusing, especially when you know nothing about annuities. Let me help with that. Book a call and read this blog. >> READ MORE

Guaranteed Annuity | Will do. Not might do

Knowing the guarantees of annuities is a lifesaver when you're looking for contractual income support. Get the books to find out more! >> READ MORE

Are Annuities Safe Right Now?

"Are annuitites safe" is a question I hear far too often. The stigma with annuities makes it hard for people to believe that they are! Book a call to find out >> READ MORE

Annuity Interest Rates – How It Affects Pricing

A hot topic right now is Annuity Interest Rates. The basics of annuities are one thing but no one likes money mistakes. Read this to clear up any questions! >> READ MORE

Annuity Transfer | What You Need To Know

You may have heard of Annuity Transfers but need a bit more information. What are they? How do they benefit me? Read and find out. And of course, book a call! >> READ MORE

Annuities and the Stock Market

With the pandemic, the stock market seems to be having some issues. Makes you wonder about other annuities. Check out our calculators! >> READ MORE

Annuity Income | What Is The Best Strategy?

Strategy is important especially in situations with money. Annuity income needs to be talked about and understood to make the best decisions. Book a call! >> READ MORE

Annuity Death Benefits | How Are They Paid Out?

Annuity Death Benefits are a crucial thing to know before buying an annuity. Knowing all your options so you make the best decision for your specific situation. >> READ MORE

2 Annuity Benefits You Need to Know About

Annuity benefits are a good thing to know. Knowing what your benefits are will help you decide if you need an annuity. Try out the calculators! >> READ MORE

Top 10 Annuity Videos of 2020

It’s the end of the year and time for a quick look back on all the annuity video awesomeness we’ve been cranking out on our YouTube channel. >> READ MORE

Annuities Can Create Your Personal Pension

If you're lucky to have a Personal Pension you may not have worries about income. If not, you may be curious what to do for further income needs. Find out here! >> READ MORE

Annuity Cost | How Much Should You Spend?

Annuity costs making you second guess getting an annuity? There are different types of annuities and we'll help you find what fits for your specific situation! >> READ MORE

Annuity Fees | What To Expect

Annuity Fees are an important topic to know when looking into getting an annuity. How much will it be, do they keep the money when you die? All valid questions. >> READ MORE

Purchase Annuity | Can You Time It?

Purchasing an Annuity can be tricky, especially when your main focus is on something impossible...timing the purchase. It's all broken down here! >> READ MORE

Annuity Products | SPIA is a DIA is a QLAC

There are many annuity products, and understanding which one fits best with your specific situation is an important step to your retirement plan. Book a call! >> READ MORE

Annuity vs Life Insurance | Which Is Better?

Annuity vs Life Insurance can be a hot topic. Which is contractually better for your specific situation? Get the books and read this article to clear it all up! >> READ MORE

Top 7 MYGA Videos Packaged Up and Served Up

In your search of the best annuity to get, you may have stumbled upon multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA for short). But what is it? How does it differ from bank certificate deposits? In this video, I tell you all there is to know about MYGA before taking the leap. >> READ MORE

MYGA The CD Annuity

A MYGA is a popular product in the annuity world. It's similar to what you may know as a CD. In this blog I'll explain exactly how and how it may work for you! >> READ MORE

Lifetime Income Annuity | What Is Backstopping?

Everyone loves a good strategy and when it comes to lifetime income annuities strategizing is the way to go. Understand what strategies work best here. >> READ MORE

401k Annuity | What is it?

Many people know what a 401k is, and I'm sure they also know what an annuity is. But how about a 401k annuity? Not sure? This blog will break it all down! >> READ MORE

Annuity Companies | Do They Keep The Money When You Die?

Interested in annuity companies but not sure you want to take part in fear of losing your money? This article answers all your worries so you can make the right decision for you. >> READ MORE

Long Term Care Annuity | 3 Ways They Work

Long term care annuities are the key for anyone looking for financial support. This blog breaks down 3 ways they work and how they'll work for you. Book a call! >> READ MORE

Current Annuity Rates and Annuity Pricing

Ever wondered the current annuity rates? What about annuity pricing? Well if the answer is yes you've come to the right blog. Get the books for more info! >> READ MORE

Why Democrats Love Annuities

The blue states. Why do annuities fit into the mantra of Democrats? Democrats are passionate and it’s spilling over into the streets. Democrats and Republicans have common ground on more things than not and maybe annuities can show us where we agree on things. >> READ MORE

Why Republicans Love Annuities

Let’s take a look at why Republicans love annuities. We each have our own opinion when it comes to politics, but no matter if you're a Republican or a Democrat, there are reasons to love annuities and believe it or not, some common ground. >> READ MORE

Annuity Income | Do You Lose Control Of The Money?

Losing control of money can be a scary topic. Especially when it's a large sum and is going to a large company. Fears aside, let's stick to the facts! >> READ MORE

Annuity Age Restriciton | Too Old or Too Young

Annuity age restrictions should be one of the first things you search for. Are you too old? Are you too young? Find out so you don't make any mistakes. >> READ MORE

Increase Your Retirement Income With Annuities

Are you coming into retirement? Need help with income? Increase your retirment income with annuities! Find your contractual guarantee and book a call. >> READ MORE

Is Social Security an Annuity?

You probably love your Social Security payments. Have you wondered if it's enough? Not sure if you need the help from an annuity? Check out the calculators! >> READ MORE

Does a Fixed Index Annuity get Market Returns?

I am licensed in all 50 states and I get a ton of calls from across the country full of questions, one being, “Are Fixed Indexed Annuities a good investment, and do they get stock market returns?” >> READ MORE

Annuity vs. 401k | How Both Can Work for You

Retirement worries for many Americans are front and center especially those looking to live their golden years with dignity and have the needed income guarantees in place. >> READ MORE

Lifetime Income and The Secure Act

The Secure Act (aka The Secure Retirement Act) was signed into law on December 20th, 2019. The primary government intention was to encourage Americans to start planning for their own retirement income needs. >> READ MORE

The Do’s and Don'ts of Taking a 1035 Exchange for a Test Drive

There's only one reason that someone would 1035 exchange their policy. It's if the policy that they're going into is better contractually than the one that they're leaving. It's that simple. >> READ MORE

What is a MYGA and When You Should Lock or Ladder

You may want to buy a MYGA if you're looking to protect your principal, not pay any fees annually, there are no moving parts, there are no market attachments, you're just going to get an interest rate contractually for the specific period that you choose. >> READ MORE

Pension Annuity vs. Lump Sum: Buy What You Need Not What Someone is Sellin’

There are over 10,000 baby boomers reaching retirement age every single day, and many are faced with the decision to take a lump-sum dollar amount or an annuity payment from their employer. >> READ MORE

Fixed Index Annuity Are They a Good Investment?

Since I am licensed in all 50 states, I get a ton of calls from across the country with the following question, “Are Fixed Indexed Annuities a good investment and do they really get stock market returns? >> READ MORE

Financial Advice for Seniors About Annuities

Over 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every single day and millions more already enjoying their retirement years. Because of this, older adults are too often the targets of annuity salespeople. >> READ MORE