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Annuities Explained: Top Questions Answered

Today's topic is about you, about the questions people have asked through comments on my YouTube channel. If you have put any questions on my YouTube videos, guess what? I answer them. Yes, I actually read them. I have no life. I've been married for 33 years. I have two grown daughters. I have no life. This is what I do. I'm Stan, The Annuity Man.  >> READ MORE

Retirement Income: 3 Rockstar Tips I've Learned

Retirement income, let's talk about that and the three tips I learned from some of the biggest financial rock stars on the planet that happen to be guests of mine on my great podcast, Fun with Annuities. That's on all podcast platforms, and we even have a YouTube channel called Fun With Annuities that you can check out. But I will share it with you and I had some great guests there.  >> READ MORE

Push Comes to Shove: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Today's topic comes from a client of mine. I was on a phone call with her today, and she said something, and I said, "Stop. Stop talking. I got to write this down," because most of my really good video and blog ideas come from you. When I get on the phone with you, I use my mouth and ears proportionately, two ears, one mouth. I'm listening to you.  >> READ MORE

IRA Annuity Calculator

Today's topic is IRA annuity calculators. We're discussing calculating annuity guarantees within your IRA. Yes. You should have an annuity inside of your IRA if you want contractual guarantees, if you want lifetime income, if you want principal protection, if you want legacy, if you want long-term care type coverage, and the only assets you have in bulk are IRA assets. Then it makes sense.  >> READ MORE

Deferred Annuities: SPDA/FPDA/MVA

We're talking today about Deferred Annuities and some acronyms that no one knows until you get your policy. SPDA, FPDA, MVA. What the A is that, right? Who knows? I'm going to tell you because you need to know. And it's something in the annuity secret sauce that no one seems to ever address. But of course, yours truly, Stan, the Annuity Man, America's annuity agent, is going to go over all of that today.  >> READ MORE

Surfing Beside a Cruise Ship: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Today's topic is, Are You Surfing Beside a Cruise Ship? I want you to think about that. Have you ever been on a cruise and you're like, "Man, that is a big boat." I always wondered how does that boat float with all that weight? I don't get it. No one ever really explained cruise ships and how they float to me.  >> READ MORE

Annuity Whisperer: Historical Annuity Rates Do They Even Matter

Hi there, Stan The Annuity Man, America's annuity agent licensed in all 50 states, aka The Annuity Whisperer. I whisper the facts. So, the question today is, do historical annuity rates even matter? Looking back in time and how annuities are paid, does that matter? We'll look into that.  >> READ MORE

Annuity Calculator Comparison – Compare TAM to Others

Today's topic is annuity calculator comparisons. Of course, we have the best annuity calculators on the planet, but some other people out there are trying to provide quotes as well, and that's fine. We love the competition. I'm competitive, as you know.  >> READ MORE

Chapter 2 Is About You: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Today's topic is Chapter Two Should Be All About You. What is chapter two, Stan The Annuity Man? Are we talking about books? Are we talking about movies? What are we talking about? Chapter two is the second part of your life after you stop working. Some people call it retirement. I don't like the word retirement. It's chapter two.  >> READ MORE

401k Rollover to an Annuity

Today, we're talking about rolling your 401K into an annuity. Should you do that? Could you do that? Why should you do that? Somebody's trying to make you do that. What's the answer Stan The Annuity Man? I'm going to give you those in today's blog.  >> READ MORE