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Fun With Annuities® Podcast The Annuity Man® brings his brutally factual blend of education and entertainment to the world of annuities. Learn everything about the annuity category on your terms and time frame, with no sales pitches.

Author of 7 books on annuities, The Annuity Man® will explain all annuity types in detail and dive deep into unique contractually guaranteed transfer of risk strategies that can be applied to your specific situation.

Branislav Nikolic: Looking Forward With Fixed Index Annuities thumbnail

Branislav Nikolic: Looking Forward With Fixed Index Annuities



Owen Schrum: Game Planning for Your Retirement

As you may know, my parents were college basketball coaches at one time. My sister won 3 state championships as a great player in high school, and I played Division 1 college basketball as well and set shooting accuracy records that will never be broken. Growing up, there were always discussions around game plans and how to beat the upcoming opponent or team.

Marty Parlato: Factually Ranting on Investing Now

Martin “Marty” Parlato is a star. He is controversial. He is smart. And he seems to be always right about the markets. As a warning, he is not politically correct or woke. This is not a soft-landing spot or a warm-fuzzy-feeling podcast guest.

Terry Savage: Chicken Money Strategies That Work

I loved having Terry Savage back on Fun With Annuities to discuss the current financial environment. In volatile and chaotic times like these, it’s time for professionals to weigh in, and Terry is definitely a pro.

Stan The Annuity Man: Off The Annuity Cuff

Stan The Annuity Man®, a.k.a. Stan Haithcock is known as “America’s Annuity Agent®” and the top independent annuity agent in the United States. Licensed in all 50 states, he is recognized as one of the top thought leaders in the annuity industry. He is the founder of The Annuity Man® LLC, with office locations in Florida and Nevada.

John Lenz: The Banking Crisis & Annuities

Unless you have been living in a cave, there has been a little banking crisis recently that continues to concern anyone that’s not buying the media or political spin. So, of course Stan The Annuity Man has to give you the absolute facts and bring in an objective expert that would provide the brutal truth. John Lenz is just that person. The “annuity architect” himself agreed to help me hammer this important topic.

Jay Zawatsky: How Debt & Energy Connect

The fabulously smart Jay Zawatsky made his second appearance on my Fun With Annuities podcast to cover one of the most fascinating topics I’ve covered in a while… How Debt and Energy Connect.

Mark Iwry: Retirement Visionary & QLAC Champion

Mark Iwry has been called “A UNIQUELY POWERFUL Washington wonk.” A hero of our retirement system. A pension rock star. One of the world’s 30 top financial players. A legend. An inspiration. It was a pleasure to have Mark on my Fun With Annuities podcast to discuss his work in the retirement category and the creation of the Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC).

Pam Krueger: Your Wealthramp to Fiduciary Advice

The seeds of Wealthramp were planted during the 2008 financial meltdown. As nervous investors watched their account balances plummet, viewers of MoneyTrack, Pam Krueger’s weekly PBS TV series deluged her with requests asking how they could find a truly trustworthy financial advisor.

Terry Savage: The Savage Financial Truth in 2023

Text: Financial royalty joined me once again on the podcast for her take on 2023. Terry is always a joy to bring on, and her energy is second to none. What a money dynamo!