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Fun With Annuities® Podcast The Annuity Man® brings his brutally factual blend of education and entertainment to the world of annuities. Learn everything about the annuity category on your terms and time frame, with no sales pitches.

Author of 7 books on annuities, The Annuity Man® will explain all annuity types in detail and dive deep into unique contractually guaranteed transfer of risk strategies that can be applied to your specific situation.

fwa terry savage january 2023

Terry Savage: The Savage Financial Truth in 2023



Bob Carlson: The Essential Guide to Retiring in 2023

If there were a czar of the retirement planning and advice world, it would be Bob Carlson.

Jay Zawatsky: What really is money?

Jay Zawatsky is one of the most fascinating guests I’ve ever had on my Fun With Annuities podcast.

Steve Parrish: Decoding Annuities in the Consumer's Mind

If you just listen to this podcast with Steve Parrish, I will guarantee your IQ will increase by a few points.

Mr. FIA-X: The Truth About Fixed Index Annuity Returns

The infamous and anonymous Mr. FIA-X joined the Fun With Annuities podcast once again to shine the light on Fixed Index Annuity returns factually.

Marcia Mantell: What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning?

If I had to choose a smart person to hang out with and drink a cup of coffee with, it would be Marcia Mantell. She is the definition of “glass half full” when helping out retirees, pre-retirees, and baby boomers.

Michael Finke: Why Annuities Make Sense Right Now

In the world of retirement research and common-sense annuity strategies, Micheal Finke is one of the four faces on Annuity Mount Rushmor along with mine, of course.

Rick Ferri: A Fighter Pilot’s View of the Markets

Rick Ferri is an absolute unicorn in the world of financial advice. He is one of the best financial advisors in the world, a leader of the Boglehead investment community, and a retired fighter pilot. Yes, I said retired FIGHTER PILOT.

Branislav Nikolic: Annuities Are Math

There is some serious math IQ on this Fun With Annuities podcast as Branislav Nikolic joins me as my newest celebrity guest host.

Martin Parlato: No B.S. Insights About Markets & Inflation

Martin Parlato’s name should be as well-known as Jim Cramer from CNBC. In my opinion, he can run factual rings around Cramer when it comes to all things about the markets and money.