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Fun With Annuities® Podcast The Annuity Man® brings his brutally factual blend of education and entertainment to the world of annuities. Learn everything about the annuity category on your terms and time frame, with no sales pitches.

Author of 7 books on annuities, The Annuity Man® will explain all annuity types in detail and dive deep into unique contractually guaranteed transfer of risk strategies that can be applied to your specific situation.


Tom Hegna: Talking The Annuity Talk & Walking The Annuity Walk


  • Owen Schrum: Managing Inflation & Risk in Volatile Markets

Steve Vernon and Naomi Karp: Proactively Addressing Cognitive Decline

Episode 121

There was some serious IQ on this Fun With Annuities podcast when Steve Vernon and Naomi Karp joined me as celebrity guests. They and their associates are pioneers in researching how to plan for and the effects of cognitive decline.

John Lenz: Annuity Insider Strategies for Rising Rates & Inflation

Episode 120

When I started calling John Lenz the “Annuity Architect” a while back, I couldn’t have picked a better description of this mad-smart superstar.

Bob Carlson: The Good & The Bad About Social Security in 2022

Episode 119

Bob Carlson is one of my favorite celebrity guests because it’s like getting an advanced degree every time he’s on Fun With Annuities.

Mr. FIA-X: The Truth About Current Fixed Index Annuities

Episode 118

Mr. FIA-X is one of the most popular guests on my Fun With Annuities podcast because he is an indexed annuity insider, truth teller, and factual flame thrower.

Marcia Mantell: Lasagna Style Income Planning

Episode 117

Marcia Mantell is a breath of fresh financial air. She is a great example of living life in a glass-half-full manner.

Moshe Milevsky: Learning from History with Annuities

Episode 116

When Moshe Milevsky talks, the entire financial industry listens. I’m not kidding.

Martin Parlato: How Politics Affects Your Investments

Episode 115

This week’s Fun With Annuities hosts one of the most talented on-air personalities I’ve ever heard, Martin “Marty” Parlato.

Sheryl Garrett: Financial Planning On YOUR Terms

Episode 114

The pioneers take all of the arrows, as the saying goes. Sheryl Garrett is a “20-year overnight sensation” in the complicated world of financial planning.

Adam Van Wie: Safely Surfing Through Volatile Investment Waters

Episode 113

One of the rising young stars in the Fee-Only financial planning world is Adam Van Wie. Having previously worked for several Fortune 500 companies, Adam brings a Mechanical Engineering degree to managing money. Of course, he has his CFP designation amongst other accolades, but his unique planning strategies give new meaning to “building” a customized portfolio.