Replay: Live Q&A What is the Best Annuity for You? February 2022

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
February 25, 2022

Recorded: Saturday, February 12 at 12 p.m. EST. Stan the Annuity Man® kicked off the Live Q&A with a brief intro to the two ways you can get a quote from The Annuity Man® Calculators on his website. And then he answered detailed questions from viewers on the fly. The questions are below and click the link to watch for the answers. What do you want to solve for? Do you see your question below? If not, join us for the next monthly Live Q & A. RSVP here to save your seat.

21 Questions from What Annuity is Best for You? Live Q&A:

  1. Is there an annuity specifically for Long Term Care?
  2. HOW DOES income rider work and is it advisable?
  3. Am I better off to take ten $10,000 annuities spread out over several months or one $100,000 annuity?
  4. For converting a traditional IRA to Roth and then investing the Roth into an annuity for growth…what is the best type of annuity for this?
  5. ​In this rising rate environment and flattening yield curve how can this be a good time to buy any rates
  6. Can you explain best case for using RILA?
  7. Could you provide and overview for FIA vs DIA and SPIA approaches and differences for someone that may be retiring in a few years and does not need income now?
  8. If I want to buy an immediate single-premium annuity within my IRA (not a longevity type annuity), what is the process to do that, how is it different from buying it outside an IRA
  9. If the annuitant dies during the accumulation period of a MYGA, does the early withdrawal penalty apply when funds are distributed to the beneficiary?
  10. What are your thoughts on taking money out of an annuity after year 1 (if it had earned 0% with the 10% free withdrawl) and investing it in a different company or index?
  11. ​My wife has an annuity that has not been turned on yet. Can that be shopped around to see if she can get a better rate?
  12. ​I understand rates are secondary but Stan the Annuity Man what is the lead time once rates rise to see higher payouts? Thanks, John
  13. Your agent is in the process of doing a 1035 exchange for us. The only problem is that one of the annuities is dragging its heels on releasing the funds for the rollover. Do we have any recourse?
  14. ​What is best way to set up a future guaranteed income stream, with provisions for defined (say 5 years) income increase for long term care?
  15. ​I like idea of QLAC. Presently 75 and like the idea of reducing RMD by about 5000 but an advisor has said do you really want to have higher income at 85 and might not be spending as much. Your idea
  16. ​Is there a “Stan the Annuity Man” for variable annuities you recommend?
  17. What do you think of fraternal insurance company mygas?
  18. How important is the Comdex rating?
  19. ​I ran a couple of DIA quotes the other day and the life only income was priced less than the life with refund! How can that be? First time I saw that.
  20. Can u explain the pro & cons of a flexible premium indexed deferred annuity with income rider thanks
  21. ​If I run a quote for a 42 yr old male DIA with lifetime income rider, what’s the earliest age I can turn on income?