Replay: Live Q&A- What Do You Need an Annuity to Do for You? April 2022

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
April 11, 2022

Recorded: Saturday, April 9th at 12 p.m. EST. Stan the Annuity Man kicked off the Live Q&A with a brief intro to the two ways you can get a quote from The Annuity Man® Calculators on his website. And then he answered detailed questions from viewers on the fly. The questions are below and click the link to watch for the answers. Do you see your question below? If not, join us for the next monthly Live Q & A.

10 Questions from the Live Q&A “What Do You Need an Annuity to Do for You?”:

  1. ​Regarding the Fed's likeliness to increase interest rates rapidly in the next several quarters, how long a duration of MYGA makes sense?
  2. How could you structure a set of annuities to mimic Tom Hegna's Go-go, Slow-go, No-go concept for a Playcheck?
  3. Can you give a summary of what is going on in MYGA rates?
  4. ​I was wondering if you quote all carriers that have a Comdex ranking/score of 95 or above? If the answer is no, which carriers don’t you quote? Why don’t you quote them?
  5. ​Does purchasing a MYGA (with you) within my existing Fidelity IRA involve rolling over such funds outside the IRA (to another brokerage, for example)?
  6. ​Appreciate information on taxability of annuity. If qualified charity is beneficiary is annuity gain taxable to estate?
  7. ​I have an FIA with an Income Rider. If I was to have a year where there was zero a/c would the rider fees come from the a/c value? Lowering a/c?
  8. ​If I purchase some MYGAs (3, 4, and 5 year) with a insurance company, what kind of information (growth, etc.) is made available (quarterly reports, etc. or online account access)?
  9. You have a company on your 5 year myga feed that currently has a 3.5% rate but the company is not rated. Why do they make your list? Just curious.
  10. I have some expiring 3 yr MYGAs on Fidelity now, and I can see from the Fidelity site every (business) daily increase, what kind of information is made available?