Replay: Live Q&A What is the Best Annuity for You?

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
November 25, 2021

Recorded: Saturday, November, 20 at 12 p.m. EST. Stan the Annuity Man® kicked off the Live Q&A with a brief intro to the 2 questions you need to answer if you’re trying to determine what’s the best annuity for you. And then it was an hour of rapid-fire questions from viewers in the comments and Stan answered them on the fly.

23+ Questions from Live Q&A:

  1. With current rising inflation do you sell many annuities with that taking into account. $1000 dollars a month might seem great now but in twenty years not-so-great?
  2. Is there a situation in which SECONDARY MARKET ANNUITIES make sense?
  3. ​I am 47 years old. I would like to invest lump sum amount for returns say 15 years, what would you recommend?
  4. ​Is there a rating cutoff for considering companies? For example, No companies under B++?
  5. ​I have twins aged 10 years old. Can I invest a lump sum amount say $10000 each for their retirement say 40 years from now? Is there any annuity you would recommend for the twins that I can invest now?
  6. QLAC max is $135K, does that limit the income stream if you use one of those? or add another annuity type for more lifetime income?
  7. Can you setup an annuity through a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)?
  8. Can an index annuity have a guaranteed rate of return and at times get a higher return based on the market?
  9. Should I start a QLAC just BEFORE age 72, to avoid the RMDs?
  10. Can I pass an annuity to my kids upon my death? if so will the payout stay the same?
  11. Are you rewriting The Annuity Stanifesto?
  12. Are QLAC payments taxable?
  13. If I bought a QLAC now, and waited 4 years for the payout, would the mortality credits work against me at some point prior to the payout?
  14. Since mortality credits “drive the train”, with interest rates as a secondary consideration, at what general age do these mortality credits become more valuable to annuitize an income stream?
  15. Please expand why you are saying now is a good time because of the mortality rates.
  16. I''m wondering about the mortality credits to. Is it because of the increase of covid deaths?
  17. Can you talk about pros and cons of laddering vs lumpsum invest?
  18. Are there any Fixed Index Annuities out there that don''t allow the insurance company to change the rules at their will?
  19. Can you ladder MYGAs over a period of time to provide a greater income than a 15 year SPIA?
  20. What''s better an FIA or a MYGA?
  21. If income floor needed (minimum) is 50K starting within the next 10 -12 years, which is the best type of annuity DIA invest now for later or SPIA?
  22. Which annuity takes advantage of mortality credits the most? A SPIA?
  23. With a safety-first mindset, is there a certain percentage of living expenses you suggest we aim to cover with social security and annuities?
  24. And more...