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Make Your Annuities Simple

If you choose to remember one of Stan The Annuity Man’s famous sayings, my advice would be to pick, “If you can’t explain the annuity strategy you are buying to a 9-year-old, then don’t buy it.” No offense to 9-year-olds. In other words, don’t buy fancy or complicated sales pitches that even the agent doesn’t understand. Buy simplicity. Buy contractual guarantees. My Shootin’ It Straight with Stan video hammered this important rule. I wish the annuity industry would follow my lead on this. Guess who has a similar saying when it comes to investing? You guessed right; it’s Warren Buffett. Yes, Warren Buffett and I are kindred spirits when it comes to money and simplicity.

TGIF means “thank goodness it’s Friday” to most people, but it also means that I’ve dropped another Q&A Friday video to answer the most basic annuity questions that need to be answered. A recent question is, “Can you use 401k money to buy an annuity?” The answer is yes, but the nuance of how this gets done is why you need to give this video a watch. My incredible administrative team in our Las Vegas office are experts in this type of 401k to annuity transaction. Let’s discuss your situation to see if going from accumulation to contractual guarantees makes sense.

Should you buy a mutual fund or an annuity? Which is better? What should you consider before pulling the purchasing trigger? This week’s YouTube video compared the mutual fund category vs. the annuity category. Let’s get ready to rumble!!! You are really going to enjoy this video gem. I was definitely on my “A game.”

If I had to change my name, it would go from Stan to Stanislav. I would then immediately name myself “Annuity Czar” and make the annuity industry the most pro-consumer place in the financial services industry. Until that happens, I decided to have my friend Branislav Nikolic on my Fun With Annuities podcast to talk about how he and his partners plan on changing the Fixed Index Annuity sector. Thank goodness! Branislav and I discuss how to clean up the indexed annuity back-tested sales presentation nonsense. What a breath of fresh factual air of a podcast. This one you have to check out!

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Life With Installment Refund vs. Life With Cash Refund

Today we are going to compare life with installment refunds versus cash refunds. I got a call the other day, a call I receive a lot with people saying, "Hey, I do not want the annuity company to keep any of the money. I want a lifetime income stream, but I want to make sure that the annuity company doesn't keep a penny." And that's a big concern because there are many misconceptions out there that, when you die, the annuity company keeps the money.

Branislav Nikolic: Looking Forward With Fixed Index Annuities

I have always said that the annuity industry has earned a bad reputation, and it continues to create an unneeded black mark with how many current Indexed Annuity products are sold. For the record, I am a huge fan of the Indexed Annuity strategy. It was created in 1995 to offer potential “better than CD” returns while offering full principal protection.

How Are Qualified Annuities Taxed?

Taxes, taxes, taxes. The question is, how are Qualified Annuities taxed? Meaning that you have an annuity inside of your IRA; how are those annuities taxed? We'll talk about that. But disclaimer, do not take tax advice from agents and advisors and people who haven't gone to law schools, gotten tax degrees or CPAs, and passed courses for tax advice.


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