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What Is and What Isn't Happening with Annuities in 2022

Leah, the CEO of The Annuity Man and the master of our universe, is back on the FWA mic for #91, "Secrets Behind the Application Process." Now, we say secrets because annuity buyers THINK they're secrets. Why? Other annuity agents are not sharing these things with you. They keep you in the dark. And, we don't play that way. The wiser you are, the smoother it goes, making the annuity buying process more fun for all of us. We sell on education and transparency, not fear and greed.

Fear and greed are the foundation of the pure horrific garbahge that straight shysters are already flooding the airwaves, newsfeeds, and your inboxes with in 2022. Get fired up! Most agents are either 1. Stupid themselves or 2. Hoping you're stupid. Neither one of those is a good thing for you. So, if you want my opinion – oh wait, hard facts about what is and isn't the brutal truth about the best annuity for you, start here >> "Annuity Examples: What Not to Buy for 2022."

I am not inviting you to a free steak dinner.

I am inviting you to a free Live Q&A today at 12 p.m. EST where you can get the straight answers to your specific questions. Too last minute for you to join? Not a problem. The replay will be live on our YouTube channel. Bonus, in 2022, we're going to be doing one every month. Stay tuned.

Don't leave yet.

I got annuities, yes I do. I got annuities, how about you?! You can almost hear the band behind my cheers in this video, "Who Has the Best Fixed Annuity Rates for 2022?"

Whew. It has been a hot minute since I got yelly.

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091 Leah Brandt: Secrets Behind the Application Process With The Annuity Man

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