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I’m The Walking Middle Finger of Annuity Truth

Hold on; you're gonna need a bib for this one. Dang, this is a juicy week! Now, wait a minute, I want to clarify that my middle finger isn't pointin' at you, my fellow annuity lovers. It's aimed directly at annuity haters, bad chicken dinner annuity sales agents, and anyone in the annuity industry preachin' anything but the honest to gaaawd brutal factual annuity truth. If you're holding your lighter up (even you with the app on the smartphone), then read on.

Pros and cons baby, pros and cons. Who here loves a good checklist? Who wants to know how not to lose any money when the stock market goes into the toilet? Pencils up, we're getting into it with this video, "Pros And Cons Of Annuities - Fixed Index Annuities."

Never buy an annuity if you are looking for market growth. I'll say it again if you're needing or wanting a financial investment product that will let you watch those magical percentage points go up and up and up – don't buy an annuity. Keep your ears open and eyes peeled for financial advisors making a product fit for you – WRONG. If you're a new fan of Stan The Annuity Man, this video is a great intro, "Why Do You Have to Buy an Annuity." It's also a great recap of all the special individuals I frequently want to flip the bird because they're cheep cheep cheepin' annuity advice not worth a pile of birdseed.

Is there anybody here that doesn't know who Chester is yet? This week's podcast #51 is kinda a sizzle reel for some of Chester's best highlights of him talking to other annuity advisors. I give him a hard time, but he asks all my favorite questions and is secretly my favorite client. Keep that between you and me though, K?

Bird, bird, bird is the word,

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051: Questions to Ask Your Advisor About Annuities

In This Episode:

  • The top questions to ask your advisor about annuities.
  • Knowing which questions are deal-breakers from the beginning for advising you about annuities.
  • The nuances and varieties of annuities.
  • The reasons to ask these questions for your best contractual guarantees.

Key Takeaways:

  • All lifetime income streams are life expectancy-based, interest rates play a secondary role.
  • If your advisor only represents a handful of carriers, they are not qualified to sell annuities. Annuities are a commodity product you quote all carriers for the highest contractual guarantee for your situation.
  • Don’t allow your advisor to just say “trust me this is a good one.” You want to know what it is you own, don’t just take someone’s word for it.

"Hold their feet to the fire. This is your money. This is serious. With annuities, once you sign that paperwork and once that policy has been issued, you better know what the heck you own. So don’t just trust or take someone’s word for it." – The Annuity Man®


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