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Juicy Tips, Secret Sauce, and Other Hot Annuity News

Warning: Don’t read this email wearing a good shirt. It’s so stacked with tasty annuity news; you’ll need a bib.

For starters, chew on the difference between the surrender value and the policy value in this video, ”What you need to understand about MYGAs and death benefits.” Note: Leah our CEO says, "MYGAs are like meatloaf - not super exciting, but they're good."

Go ahead and pour on top of that how renewal rates are the secret sauce to fixed indexed annuities.

Our main course this week is FWA podcast celebrity co-host Dana Anspach, who shares in episode #66, “Don’t underestimate what more you can juice from your retirement plan. You might very well end up with hundreds of thousands of dollars by the end of it.” Watch and listen, “066 Dana Anspach: Juicing Your Retirement Plan.”

For dessert, “How to Buy an Annuity – When it’s suitable and appropriate”. This may sound like pie in the sky, but I break down the process and why we ask the questions we have to ask.

For bonus dessert, we’re dishing up links to our Top 3 videos in the last 30 days. Why? Well, I never say no to extra dessert, especially if it’s peach cobbler. But the real reason is we’re celebrating hitting 3k YouTube subscribers!!!

  • Inherited Annuities- What are your options? (31k views your kids and grandkids are watching) WATCH
  • Pension Annuity vs. Lump Sum Which is better? (9k views, all non-subscribers watching this one) WATCH
  • What Percentage of Your Portfolio Should be an Annuity? (6k views, 100% of viewers were women over 65) WATCH

Wow. If you’re a subscriber thank you, thank you. If you’re not, uh hello?! Join in the fun; all the cool annuity lovers are doing it.

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