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Fed Schmed! Interest Rates Play a Secondary Role

Annuities are contracts, annuities are math. All of us finance nerds have had our eyes glued to the news with recent scuttlebutt about interest rates. The bait-y headlines about “coming soon” and “key indicators” and “projections” are enough to make our fingers fly across the keyboard asking the Google machine to connect us to predictions for the future of our retirement portfolios.  

So, I went back to the video vault and snagged links to these top videos about interest rates and annuities:

·       No B.S. no sales pitches just straight talk in “How the Economy Affects Annuity Rates.

·       No one knows when interest rates are going to move in “Annuity Interest Rates | Can You Time The Purchase?”

·       We’re walking through every annuity type in this video, “How Do Interest Rates Affect Annuities?

Moving on!

Annuity lovers are so specific with their questions in this video,  I had to use both hands to illustrate the answers in “Annuities Explained Top Questions Answered.” Admittedly, I’m a little over excited about my new “Will Do. Not Might Do.” clipboard in this video. But, you know how I love logo’d stuff.

Clark Howard knows so much about so much. I take the annuity baton from him and BRING IT HOME in, “Annuity News: Clark Howard Thinks Annuities Stink Article.”

The annuity mechanic, John Lenz is back on the FWA podcast and pulls no punches in episode #75 “Live, Die, or Quit.” We talk about the current state of affairs in D.C. and current annuity carrier struggles that don''t revolve around low-interest rates and the outlook for annuity consumers.

Your main man - annuity man that is,

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