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You Won! Why Are You Still Playing?

I get calls all the time from retired couples constantly being pitched on what to do with their money. If you have already won the game, why are you still playing? I tell a lot of people they can meet their income needs for life by laddering and rolling CDs and MYGAs. Check out this week’s Shootin’ It Straight With Stan video, where I knocked this topic out of the park. Your situation might just be this simple, and you know how much I love simple. If you want to see for yourself, check out our calculators and MYGA rates. You might have already won the game.

My recent video on IRA Annuity Calculators factually addressed how annuities of all types can be properly used in your IRA account. The people and advisors that say never to use IRA assets to buy annuities need to stop talking. Annuities work inside IRAs because you own them for their contractual guarantees. Remember, Will Do. Not Might Do.

Sheryl Garrett, the pioneer and creator of hourly fee-only planning, joined me this week on my Fun With Annuities podcast. We talked about the future of financial planning and how her organization can help you find a vetted planner in your area. I call Sheryl a “20-year overnight sensation” because she has been pioneering this unique planning approach for a long time. It’s catching on nationwide because it’s pro-consumer and makes total sense.

Following up on last week’s topic about America’s Annuity Agent, it seemed appropriate to write a blog on Why People Hate Stan The Annuity Man? I’m definitely not everyone’s cup of annuity tea and will tell you the truth without hesitation. I’ve found that’s what most people want. You don’t need a financial advisor to be your friend; you need someone to shoot it straight so you can make a good and informed decision.

My next LIVE EVENT is coming soon, so save your seat now and bring your questions and appetite for annuity facts.

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