Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
September 14, 2022

Recorded: Saturday, September 10th at 12 p.m. EST. Stan The Annuity Man® kicked off the Live Q&A discussing how to maximize your retirement income. He then answered detailed questions from viewers on the fly. The questions are below, and click the link to watch for the answers. Do you see your question below? If not, join us for the next monthly Live Q & A.


  1. Hello Stan, "Chester" here. Why can't I just call up the company for example Oceanview and buy a MYGA direct from them without having to go through a "licensed" agent?
  2. Hi Stan. I really enjoyed the Medicare podcast with Ellie. "I checked my zip code!" What are your thoughts of the DIY companies popping up on Facebook? I notice the entry level is typically lower.
  3. Assuming my DIA permits me to change the date income starts, will the new date's income payout be recalculated based on the original rate or the rate at the time the change is made?
  4. Why do DIA's with cash refunds often have a higher monthly payout than those without? seems counter intuitive.
  5. What annuities are available for SIMPLE IRAs? QLACs?
  6. How many insurance companies default on MYGA contracts per year in the USA? Is it very rare? Are any stats available on the internet?
  7. You always say interest rates are secondary to the amounts paid on an annuity, but these recent rate increases are off the charts high, have the affected payouts?
  8. How does payout yield get calculated?
  9. Instead of a MYGA would treasury bonds be an acceptable alternative?
  10. I'm considering a MYGA. The Fed is expected to raise interest rates again when they meet in less than two weeks. Wouldn't it be wise to wait until after their meeting to make the purchase?
  11. Is there any truth to people saying “best time for FIA” since starting points are low? Or is that chicken dinner hype?
  12. What do you if you have already purchased a variable annuity....what's your advice?
  13. The spread between cd rates and mygas is shrinking...and may shrink more after the fed meets. why should I buy a myga instead of a CD in this environment.
  14. You mention that you offer concierge service, which is great. But what happens when you die? I'm not predicting anything, don't worry. l think you'll probably be around for a while.
  15. Can you cash in your IRA Annuity or Roth Annuity and then immediately put into a 'new' MGYA and not have to pay taxes on earnings? I am guessing the previous earnings must be reported to do this?
  16. Stan, how can I check my balance on several MYGAS I currently own?
  17. I'm just interested in returns--don't need more income, but would like something to balance my IRA funds that I am ok with 70/30 stocks to bonds risk profile. I'm assuming MYGAs would be good for me?
  18. I have listend to your podcasts, not gotten the books in the mail yet but have searched the web. Still do not understand MYGA or this income rider thing. Can you explain it to a 5 yr old? Great show.
  19. When we are not needing to draw money from our annuity, isn't the fixed index a better choice than the MYGA?
  20. Do MYGA's compound interest the same as CD's?
  21. I have a $100,000 AIG Fixed Index Annuity IRA and plan to transfer $10,000 each year to my traditional IRA then convert it to a Roth … what are your thoughts Stan? Thanks for all your knowledge
  22. Hey Stan, if we contract a MYGA for 5 years and things change and we move up retirement in 2 years from now and want to convert to a Fixed Annuity, does the accrued interest reduced?
  23. Inflation when considering fuel and groceries is much higher. To what degree are Annuities a 'safe' hedge against inflation. MYGA's allow me to peel of earnings and protect my principle.
  24. Some think real estate is still a hedge against inflation for the common investor. What do you think?
  25. On annuities that can refund the unused portion to heirs, how do carriers amortize the premium to arrive at the unused balance?
  26. What's the best rate right now for an immed. fixed annuity? Say for 100,000....
  27. Is the annuitization offered in a MYGA competitive with a SPIA?
  28. Do you disagree with Roth conversions in general? If so, why?
  29. I have a FIA that is about 4 years and the anniversary is coming up. The Fixed rate is just 2.8% and the S&P Cap is 4.8%. Both of these seem low . Your thoughts?
  30. I am 55 years old and plan to stop working at 59 1/2. Have this (F&G Power Accumulator 10) Annuity & plan to add $10,000 per year till 59. What do you think of this product?
  31. At what age should you stop buying Immediate Annuities?