Replay: Live Q&A Maximizing Your Retirement With Annuities June 2022

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
June 13, 2022

Recorded: Saturday, June 11 at 12 p.m. ET. Stan The Annuity Man®, kicked off the Live Q&A discussing maximizing your retirement income. He then answered detailed questions from viewers on the fly. The questions are below, and click the link to watch for the answers. Do you see your question below? If not, join us for the next monthly Live Q & A.

19 Questions from the Live Q&A “Maximizing Your Retirement With Annuities”:

  1. I have 178k from 401 k. I’m 57 yr old. I am interested in an annuity vs. a cd. Annuities are the thing now due to the market! So I want to invest until 60 with this amount. Need something plz
  2. Approx 130K from selling a second home. 55 now. Want to retire/part-time work in 3-4 years. Would MYGA ladder be a good idea to fund health ins etc 59 to 65?
  3. What's a typical surrender charge/fee for canceling a 3-year MYGA, or a 5-year MYGA?
  4. I’ve noticed that many MYGAs and FIAs are labeled: “Not available in New York” in the fine print at the end of carrier brochures.
  5. Is this a warning sign that a particular annuity has a good chance of being sketchy?
  6. Will interest rates going up affect my index annuity?
  7. I'm 59; my wife is 57. I want to make sure she has something simple if I'm not here, but I would consider something for both. Is there an annuity for two people together, or would we each need one?
  8. What's the $ minimum and $ maximum for 3-year MYGA?
  9. Do you have any videos on structured settlement annuity strategies for personal injury victims?
  10. I’m generally wondering what you think of the TIAA Traditional annuity? (It is an option in my work’s 403(b) plan.) Payout rates seem high and happily, for me it is available in New York
  11. What do you think if I transfer my current 2 Var Index Annuities to NATIONWIDE Fixed Index Annuity with a 1.2 % total fee in order to get $500 more income per month? Is this a good annuity?
  12. Do MYGAs have FDIC? What if the company goes bankrupt - Has any MYGA gone bankrupt?
  13. Your booklets and website talk about QLACs a lot but I don't quite follow how they work. Can you dumb it down for me?
  14. Researching MYGAs....I see a 3yr. offering 4.3%. too good to be true? b++rated co
  15. I see that TIAA changes payout rates every year for its Traditional annuity. Seems like they raised payout rates by 5% for all annuitants in 2022... This seems different from a SPIA?
  16. I am 35 and won't have a pension when I retire. When should I BUY an annuity? in Canada.
  17. We are retired. Income from our pensions & Social Sec is 60,000 more than our annual expenses. You've said that everyone needs some exposure to the stock market. We would rather have nothing in stocks
  18. So when you are nearing retirement and don't have much savings but have a house, do you sell the house to purchase the annuity? Where do you go live then? Relocate to Thailand?
  19. Do ratings on your website matter - if companies don't fail they get absorbed by bigger companies?