Simply Money: DIY Annuities with guest Stan The Annuity Man®

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
October 15, 2020

I always love being on the “Simply Money” radio show and podcast from Allworth Financial with hosts Nathan Bachrach and Amy Wagner because they’re both straight shooters and brutal truth tellers…just like me.

Allworth Financial is an independent wealth management firm with over $9 Billion in assets under management, and they have 17 offices nationwide.

In this segment from the October 15, 2020 show, Nathan and I get into “do it yourself” annuities…and the good and bad if you take that consumer approach. I was happy to share my annuity expertise to their listening audience and ask them to ask themselves the same two questions I ask every single client, “1. What do you want the money to contractually do? 2. When do you want those payments to start?” And of course we get into how I answer the annuity haters.

The whole show is packed with money straight talk, so I encourage you to invest the time and give a listen to the whole show and subscribe. If you can’t stand it and want to just jump to my 8-minute session of factual annuity goodness, you can find it at time marker 20:20.

Thanks again and shout out to Nathan and Amy and Simply Money 55KRC (WKRC-AM) for giving me the mic.