Get The Skinny On Annuities from the Industry’s Walking Middle Finger of Truth

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
June 17, 2021

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe is one of the most popular financial podcasts in the country, and I always enjoy being a guest and educating Chuck's listeners on all things annuity. In this episode from May 3, 2021, "Get the skinny on annuities from the industry's 'walking middle finger of truth'," Chuck and I talk about the current environment in the annuity industry, and I also took a question from one of his listeners. If you want to get right to my section, fast forward to 16:49. As usual, I knocked the cover off of the factual annuity ball, so you definitely need to hear what I said!

Chuck is a veteran financial journalist and nationally syndicated financial columnist whose work appears in newspapers from coast to coast. Chuck started Money Life in 2012 but originally hosted a show by the same name on WBIX, AM-1060 in Boston in the early 2000s until the station closed. Subsequent to that, he hosted "Your Money," another regional radio show for about two years, and did podcasts for, where he was a senior columnist.

He is the author of three books: "Getting Started In Finding a Financial Advisor" (John Wiley & Sons), "The Right Way to Hire Financial Help" (The MIT Press), and "Chuck Jaffe's Lifetime Guide to Mutual Funds" (Perseus Books). His two books on working with financial advisers have made him a rare critical voice in the financial planning business.

Beyond his column, Chuck writes regularly for the Wall Street Journal and for other business publications and websites. Prior to his 14 years at MarketWatch, he was the personal finance and mutual funds columnist at The Boston Globe for nine years. In 2017, he spent roughly six months running editorial operations at – a site run by traders and for traders -- establishing the site's editorial content. If you don't already have Chuck's podcast on your "favorites" list...then you need to add it right now. You won't be disappointed.