Looking Forward Podcast: Stan The Annuity Man Opens The Firehose Of Annuity Facts As A Featured Podcast Guest

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
June 8, 2022

This week, I was featured as a guest on Jeff Ostroff’s “Looking Forward” podcast, which was posted on June 2nd. Jeff and I discussed what annuities are, why you might find them suitable for your financial portfolio, some different types of annuities, recent annuity product trends, and COVID’s impact on the annuity market. There are two parts to this discussion on brutal annuity facts, so make sure to listen to both!

In part two of Jeff’s podcast, we discuss a lot more, including what the future might look like for the annuity market and what opportunities annuities might offer you as a savvy financial consumer or as a job or career seeker, investor, entrepreneur, or a business owner. In addition, I give some can’t-miss tips on how to go about buying an annuity.