Real Estate vs Annuities - Uncensored Financial Debate with Kris Krohn

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
March 4, 2021

When Kris Krohn invited me on his wildly successful YouTube podcast channel, he straight up warned me that he wasn’t going to hold back any punches.

He wanted to really come after the annuity category and wanted me to bring it just as hard. I eagerly accepted the challenge and warned him upfront not to write a check with his mouth that his rear end couldn’t cash. After all, I’m Stan The Annuity Man America’s Annuity agent® with cowboy boots older than him and most of his audience.

The podcast video was energetic and lively and turned into a brutally factual blow for blow between two experts in their chosen field. Kris knows his stuff when it comes to real estate, and I’ve forgotten more about annuities than most agents or advisors know. What we do have in common is a passion for the people who trust us with their money and an unwavering and rare “give a crap” factor. Strap in for a wild ride and hang on to your popcorn. And for you Chester fans, watch this video just for the entertainment of Kris trying to sexy up his voice.