Miller, ON The Money: How do we pay our bills?

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
November 19, 2020

Dennis Miller ( is the consumer’s voice for all things retirement. He covers all things investing, and his website, blog articles, and newsletter should be a go-to resource for anyone serious about managing their money.

What I love about Dennis’s approach is he looks at the investment world from a consumer’s viewpoint. He doesn’t pull any punches and tells his readers what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Dennis and I are firm believers that the truth works every single time. To learn more about Dennis, check out his about page here.

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about the investment world, Dennis is also a great person. He loves interacting with his readers and answering all of their questions. The only agenda Dennis has is educating the public about the complex world of money and investing. He sells no product, and there are no sales pitches. If you don’t have Dennis on your weekly read list, then it’s time to add him as one of your primary resources. You won’t regret a single word you read. Sign up for his newsletter here.

It’s always finance fun times talking with Dennis and it was a privilege to be interviewed by him for his “Miller, On the Money” blog and newsletter this week.

For the blog article, “How do we pay our bills?” that hit on November, 19, 2020 Dennis and I discuss how annuities are confidence products and there is industry oversight that protects the consumer. But, the insurance companies have big buildings for a reason they know we are going to die. Jump over to Dennis’s blog to get the details on how you can use an annuity to transfer risk and assure that an insurance company will never keep a penny of your money. Oh yeah, it’s a good read.