Barron’s: Here Are 3 Ways to Get Better Yields Than Bonds, With Some Measure of Safety

Stan Haithcock
Stan Haithcock
April 7, 2022

So pumped that Neal Templin contacted me to contribute to his Barron’s article, “Here are 3 Ways to Get Better Yields Than Bonds, With Some Measure of Safety,” which appeared on on March 26, 2022. Every time I help with one of these national articles, it’s a double win. I get to share my knowledge with a new audience and collaborate with expert writers. Professional writers in our industry juggle a ton of financial products, so my “making annuities simple” talent comes in handy. I love working with Neal because he wants to get it right. He wants to learn and help his readers learn as well. We talked numerous times on the phone, and I sent him my books because he wanted to dig into Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGA). The result? An excellent article and a must-read.

Ben’s article about Treasury Series I Savings Bonds, MYGAs, and Interval Funds was timely and needed in the current low-interest-rate environment. People are looking for yield and need to know their options. Barron’s is an excellent publication, and I applaud them for covering the MYGA topic for its readers who were unaware of the strategy.