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The Annuity Man® brings his brutally factual blend of education and entertainment to the world of annuities. Learn everything about the annuity category on your terms and time frame, with no sales pitches.

Author of 7 books on annuities, The Annuity Man® will explain all annuity types in detail and dive deep into unique contractually guaranteed transfer of risk strategies that can be applied to your specific situation.

Podcast, Special Feature

067 Bradley Birkenfeld: Whistleblower Still Exposing Corruption and Creating a Better System


  • 068 Tom Hegna: Don't Worry, Retire Happy!
  • 069 Mr. FIA-X: More Index Annuity Secrets
  • 070 John Olsen: Annuity Royalty Shares Wisdom
  • 071 Jeff Miller: Social Security Strategies Explained

066 Dana Anspach: Juicing Your Retirement Plan

Episode 66

Fun With Annuities Podcast - Stan the Annuity Man with co-host Dana Anspach talk strategies for juicing your retirement plan.

065 Bob Powell: The Voice for Your Retirement

Episode 65

Fun With Annuities Podcast - Stan the Annuity Man with co-host Bob Powell who is your voice for retirement.

064 Christine Benz: Avoiding Blind Spots in Your Retirement Portfolio Planning

Episode 64

Each week I bring you the best in their field, and this week is no different. This week's celebrity co-host is Christine Benz, Morningstar's Director of Personal Finance and someone I have been a massive fan of for years because she makes complex investment topics clear and accessible to the average reader.

063 Dennis Miller: Your Comfortable Retirement Guarantee

Episode 63

Dennis Miller and I go way back, and he and I have been talking annuities and retirement income via each other's blogs and shows for years.

062 Bob Carlson: Unlocking the Secrets of Social Security and Your Retirement Plan

Episode 62

If you were looking for a retirement guru who also happens to be the best Social Security expert on the planet. . .you just found him.

061: John Lenz The Annuity Mechanic Thinks Outside The Box

Episode 61

This week’s celebrity co-host is an annuity rock star who has seen it all with 40 years in the business.

060: Bill Black on The Math and Taxes of Life Insurance

Episode 59

Bill Black is based in Winter Park, Florida but recognized as one of the top life insurance experts in the U.S.

059: Mr. FIA-X: The Secrets of Indexed Annuities

Episode 59

You've heard me get hot under the tracksuit collar more than once about fixed index annuities because they are the most mis-sold and fraudulently promoted strategy in the annuity world.

058: The Moneylady Terry Savage Holds Nothing Back

Episode 58

We rolled out the virtual red carpet for this week's celebrity co-host, Terry Savage. She's one of the top personal finance reporters in the country, with her weekly column syndicated in major newspapers by Tribune Content Agency.

057: The best time to shop long-term care with Jack Lenenberg

Episode 57

The Annuity Man and Jack Lenenberg discuss the environment, products, and solutions in long term care currently available.

056: Supercharge Your Retirement and Shut Out the Noise with Paul Merriman

Episode 56

Lighting the Fun With Annuities podcast mic on fire this week is Paul Merriman, President of The Merriman Financial Education Foundation.

055: Gary Baker is the Annuity Wizard Behind the Curtain

Episode 55

Gary Baker, the President and Chief Operating Officer of CANNEX and I, share the mic again in this week’s Fun With Annuities podcast.

054: Barry Dyke Talks About Corruption on Wall Street and Big Money

Episode 54

In this episode, The Annuity Man discusses: Compliance at family offices, hedge funds, and other securities offices.

053: Owen Schrum discusses Bitcoin and explains Blockchain

Episode 53

Let's talk bitcoin and blockchain people. Blocka-whaaat? That's right -surprise, surprise. Stan The Annuity Man is talking about something other than annuities.