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100 Michael Finke: Retirees Should Calculate to Not Be a Loser

Episode 100

Once again, Michael Fincke brings the factual goods to my “Fun With Annuities” podcast.

099 Terry Savage: 5 Ways to Get Out of the Financial Mess You Don't Even Know You're In

Episode 99

Financial royalty joined my “Fun With Annuities” podcast when Terry Savage agreed to share her financial tips for 2022. Below is her direct outline and insight into those five financial nuggets.

098 Bill Black: Life Insurance Trends - Are Your Affairs In Order?

Episode 98

Bill Black is considered the top life insurance expert in the U.S., and his over four decades of experience is unmatched. He is also a personal friend that I have shared the stage with at some of the top financial shows in the country.

097 Allan Roth: How A Second Grader Beats Wall Street

Episode 97

What a treat to have Allan Roth on the podcast to share his insights into retirement planning.

096 Owen Schrum: Crypto, The Fed and Other Things Not Said

Episode 96

When you are one of the top personal money managers in the country, you have access to some of the top minds in the financial world. Owen Schrum’s status allows him to have conversations with the movers and shakers on Wall Street, which he then uses that insight to the benefit of his main street clients.

095 Gary Baker: Hot Buttons Being Pushed by the Annuity Industry in 2022

Episode 95

What a treat to have Gary Baker from CANNEX back on the podcast. I tease Gary that his nickname should be “Gary Baker…the Annuity Dream Maker” because he is literally behind the majority of lifetime income annuities purchased in the United States.

094 Jeff Miller: What's New With Social Security In 2022

Episode 94

Jeff Miller continues to be one of our most popular guests because of his expertise on the Social Security topic. This podcast did not disappoint and is filled with incredible insight into what is happening with Social Security in 2022 and Jeff’s predictions for the future.

093 John Lenz: What You Need To Know About Annuity Laddering in 2022

Episode 93

I consider John Lenz one of the top annuity minds in the country. His depth of knowledge is something that I respect and rely upon.

092 Ellie Saul: Mama Bear Speaks The Truth About Medicare

Episode 92

Thanks for joining us for another week! For a long time, I have been looking for a credible source for Medicare. I have found that person, so please help me welcome Ellie Saul to Fun With Annuities for podcast 092.

091 Leah Brandt: Secrets Behind the Application Process With The Annuity Man

Episode 91

It's here. The Fun With Annuities podcast for all our annuity-loving super fans. You THINK you know annuities, and then you meet this week's co-host.