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Michael Finke: Why Annuities Make Sense Right Now

In the world of retirement research and common-sense annuity strategies, Micheal Finke is one of the four faces on Annuity Mount Rushmor along with mine, of course.

Rick Ferri: A Fighter Pilot’s View of the Markets

Rick Ferri is an absolute unicorn in the world of financial advice. He is one of the best financial advisors in the world, a leader of the Boglehead investment community, and a retired fighter pilot. Yes, I said retired FIGHTER PILOT.

Branislav Nikolic: Annuities Are Math

There is some serious math IQ on this Fun With Annuities podcast as Branislav Nikolic joins me as my newest celebrity guest host.

Martin Parlato: No B.S. Insights About Markets & Inflation

Martin Parlato’s name should be as well-known as Jim Cramer from CNBC. In my opinion, he can run factual rings around Cramer when it comes to all things about the markets and money.

Terry Savage: The Savage Truth about Rates & Markets

I always joke with Terry Savage that when she walks into most rooms, she is the smartest person there. I’m not kidding. Throw gender out of the window because only a select few match her financial IQ.

Bill Black: New Strategies for Life Insurance in 2022

Bill Black is a nationally recognized triathlete, 6’ 8” tall, and oh, by the way…the top life insurance expert in the country. With over 44 years of experience, he is my go-to source for all things life insurance and who I recommend my clients talk to for this needed contractual solution.

Mr. FIA-X: Don't Fall For These Indexed Annuity Sales Tactics

Mr. FIA-X is arguably the most popular and most requested Fun With Annuities podcast guest in our roster of financial superstars. He wears a mask because the truth and facts he provides on the Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) category can be very controversial.

Ellie Saul: New Benefits Revealed by Mama Bear Medicare

One of Medicare’s top advisors and educators, Ellie Saul, joined me on the Fun With Annuities podcast to discuss new legislation that will affect everyone.

Elliot Raphaelson: The Godfather of Financial Journalism

A few years ago, I drove to Winter Park, Florida, to have lunch with one of the most respected syndicated columnists in the country who writes about personal finance.

Owen Schrum: Managing Inflation and Risk in Volatile Markets

One of the best personal money managers in the country is anonymously based in Raleigh, North Carolina, in a nondescript office with long-term loyal staff. His name is Owen Schrum, and he has a degree in chemical engineering and an almost 4-decade career in the financial services business.