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32 years in the business means I understand all sides and can bring people together.

Leah Brandt Bio

Leah Brandt, CEO and Director of Operations The Annuity Man, LLC.

Let’s get this question out of the way. Everyone always wants to know, “What’s it like working for Stan The Annuity Man? I mean, the guy wears his name on everything and even has shirts with his own face.” It’s a lot of fun. Our sense of humors click and the pace is awesome. We’re grinding, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stan and I have the same philosophy. If you do the right thing, the sales/money will come. Stan has the most integrity of anyone I’ve worked with in my 30+ years in the business. It’s important to me to be with a company that stands for the right things. The biggest “right thing” being that we work one-on-one with people every day to help them through problems and challenges to secure their retirement income. That may sound like a tagline, but it’s the real deal.

It feels good the work that I do

One of the things I love most about the day-to-day is the variety. Yes, client relations, talking to insurance companies, and managing annuity contracts is a given. The bonus is some days, it also includes problem-solving with IT, designing the open and close to our YouTube Lives, video shoots, marketing planning, and all the other “must-dos” to run and build a business. It’s not your stereotypical finance gig. I’m hands-on for the full 360° of operations, which flexes different parts of my brain. I love it.

The road to a CEO position with The Annuity Man

I started my tenure with Stan as a Customer Specialist when he had grown the business and wanted to level up and start to hand off the office administration, operations, and management of the contract fulfillment. Before I knew it, I was all in and CEO/Director of Operations. I shouldn’t downplay that though. When we planned the next growth phase for The Annuity Man, LLC a few years back, he knew my role had grown and promoted me to CEO.

How being a female CEO plays a role in the finance industry

It’s not a secret the industry is very male-dominated. Being a female CEO on the sales and operations side of the business shows that women can run things. I bring a different perspective coupled with 32 years of experience in the annuity industry. I’ve seen the products and procedures change over and over. I’ve been in home offices, wholesale offices, and retail offices. I’ve seen all sides and can help all parties understand each other to come together. Sometimes, it’s a dance between insurance companies, the tech vendors, customers, and, let’s be real - Stan. You’ve seen his videos, right? He’s a force of nature. It’s like Stan says, “Leah can read, understand, and explain an annuity contract better than most in the biz, and she’s definitely forgotten more about annuities than most even know, including me.” And, he’s right about that.