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Guaranteed Safe Fixed Income Is Still Possible, If You Know Where To Find It

On The Money Dennis Miller

Once again, Dennis Miller has made the complicated simple with his new On The Money newsletter article from January 6, 2021, “Guaranteed Safe Fixed Income Is Still Possible, If You Know Where To Find It.” Happy to see he drove it home with the factual and gave my SPIA calculator a spin.

ALL annuity lifetime income guarantees are a combination of return of principal + interest. It's a pure transfer of risk with no ROI (Return On Investment) until you die. For all of those that say, "I hate all annuities," then you have to hate those monthly Social Security payments. By the way, Social Security is the best inflation annuity ON THE PLANET. Take that annuity haters.

Dennis shows his broad base of financial knowledge by factually commenting on dividends, treasuries, CDs, and the current economic environment. If you haven't already signed up for Dennis Miller's free newsletter, then you are not serious about your finances. In a world of bad sales pitches and hidden fee agendas, Dennis is a breath of fresh financial expertise air.

More money news on the horizon. Dennis is slated to be one of our "Fun With Annuities" podcast guests. What a discussion that will be. I'll let you know when his episode will air because that will be a financial nerd out session you won't want to miss. Onward into 2021! Annuity Godspeed to all!

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