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Why Republicans Love Annuities

Let’s take a look at why Republicans love annuities. We each have our own opinion when it comes to politics, but no matter if you're a Republican or a Democrat, there are reasons to love annuities and believe it or not, some common ground.  >> READ MORE

Why Democrats Love Annuities

The blue states. Why do annuities fit into the mantra of Democrats? Democrats are passionate and it’s spilling over into the streets. Democrats and Republicans have common ground on more things than not and maybe annuities can show us where we agree on things.  >> READ MORE

Annuity Income | Do You Lose Control Of The Money?

Losing control of money can be a scary topic. Especially when it's a large sum and is going to a large company. Fears aside, let's stick to the facts!  >> READ MORE

Annuity Age Restriciton | Too Old or Too Young

Annuity age restrictions should be one of the first things you search for. Are you too old? Are you too young? Find out so you don't make any mistakes.  >> READ MORE

Increase Your Retirement Income With Annuities

Are you coming into retirement? Need help with income? Increase your retirment income with annuities! Find your contractual guarantee and book a call.  >> READ MORE

Is Social Security an Annuity?

You probably love your Social Security payments. Have you wondered if it's enough? Not sure if you need the help from an annuity? Check out the calculators!  >> READ MORE

Does a Fixed Index Annuity get Market Returns?

I am licensed in all 50 states and I get a ton of calls from across the country full of questions, one being, “Are Fixed Indexed Annuities a good investment, and do they get stock market returns?”  >> READ MORE

Annuity vs. 401k | How Both Can Work for You

Retirement worries for many Americans are front and center especially those looking to live their golden years with dignity and have the needed income guarantees in place.  >> READ MORE

Lifetime Income and The Secure Act

The Secure Act (aka The Secure Retirement Act) was signed into law on December 20th, 2019. The primary government intention was to encourage Americans to start planning for their own retirement income needs.  >> READ MORE

The Do’s and Don'ts of Taking a 1035 Exchange for a Test Drive

There's only one reason that someone would 1035 exchange their policy. It's if the policy that they're going into is better contractually than the one that they're leaving. It's that simple.  >> READ MORE