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Having Annuity Companies Buy Bonds for You: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

Today's topic is unique, and when I told my CEO, She was like, "I don't know about that one." The topic is having annuity companies buy bonds for you.  >> READ MORE

Annuity Examples: Lifetime Income Annuity Choices

We're talking about lifetime income choices using annuities. You're already a member of the annuity income family. You're aware of it.  >> READ MORE

Does An Annuity Count As Income

If an annuity is your only source of income, does it count for purposes of accruing a social security benefit, or is annuity income excluded?  >> READ MORE

You Already Own Two Annuities: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

Today's topic is all about the two annuities you already own. That's right, even you annuity haters have two, count that, TWO annuities.  >> READ MORE

Are Fixed Annuities a Good Idea

Today's topic is one that I've done before, but I need to repeat myself so you will understand the eccentricities, the details, the specifics, all that good stuff.  >> READ MORE

How Do Annuities Work At Death

Are there annuities where if you begin to take income or annuitize and then you suddenly pass away that "the bad insurance company" will keep your principal?  >> READ MORE

Your CPA Is Not Your Financial Advisor: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

Here we go again people un-qualified trying to sell annuities for nothing other than commission and revenue.  >> READ MORE

Annuity Retirement Calculator with Inflation Options Using SPIAs, DIAs, and QLAC

On my site, you can run quotes 24/7 365, and then you get me at the end of the process.  >> READ MORE

An Immediate Annuity Has Been Purchased With A Single Premium (SPIA)

Let’s talk about Single Premium Immediate Annuities, the granddaddy of all annuities, and how that works.  >> READ MORE

Payout Rates vs Interest Rates: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

There's a lot of confusion on this in the annuity world, payout rate, interest rate.  >> READ MORE