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Life With Installment Refund vs. Life With Cash Refund

Today we are going to compare life with installment refunds versus cash refunds. I got a call the other day, a call I receive a lot with people saying, "Hey, I do not want the annuity company to keep any of the money. I want a lifetime income stream, but I want to make sure that the annuity company doesn't keep a penny." And that's a big concern because there are many misconceptions out there that, when you die, the annuity company keeps the money.  >> READ MORE

Lifetime or Interest Income?: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Today's topic is lifetime or interest income. I always say, "Well, you can't just say I hate all annuities." You know how people say all that? I had a person call me today, and this is a great story. Great guy, ex-military, it was, "Yes, sir. No, sir," which I felt kind of weird about because he was in his 70s saying, "Yes, sir. No, sir."  >> READ MORE

How Are Qualified Annuities Taxed?

Taxes, taxes, taxes. The question is, how are Qualified Annuities taxed? Meaning that you have an annuity inside of your IRA; how are those annuities taxed? We'll talk about that. But disclaimer, do not take tax advice from agents and advisors and people who haven't gone to law schools, gotten tax degrees or CPAs, and passed courses for tax advice.  >> READ MORE

Annuity vs. Life Insurance

Hi, I’m Stan The Annuity Man, America's annuity agent here to answer the burning question and compare annuities versus life insurance. Everyone asks me which one's better, and most of the time, both are sold improperly. Life insurance companies issue annuities, but life insurance and annuities are entirely different animals. And we'll talk about that.  >> READ MORE

Annuities for a 9-Year-Old: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Welcome to Shootin' It Straight With Stan. I am your host, the lovable Stan The Annuity Man, America's Annuity Agent, licensed in all 50 states. Today's topic is a very good one, and it's called Annuities for a Nine-Year-Old. Now, I made my PR team leave this topic and title in place because I know grandfathers and people out there going, "Well, I got a nine-year-old.  >> READ MORE

What Is a Hybrid Annuity?

Hello there. Stan The Annuity Man, America's annuity agent here with you, and today's topic is a good one. We will dive into what a Hybrid Annuity is and give some examples. Typically, when people say, "What's a hybrid?" I say, "Well, it's a mattress, a car, a plant." But in today's annuity selling environment, people are starting to make up words to sell annuities.  >> READ MORE

What Is a 1035 Transfer?

Hey, everyone out there! I'm glad you joined me for this blog on what is a 1035 transfer. My name is Stan The Annuity Man, and I'm America's annuity agent and the number one annuity educator on the planet. I sell annuities, but I'd like to educate my clients before they buy them.  >> READ MORE

Annuity $$ Doesn’t Have to Go Poof: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Today's topic is a good one. With all the cryptocurrencies and currency, this and that. And is the new administration going to create its own cryptocurrency? And are they going to make it all digital? And is it going to go global? And will it be a global currency, or will they take out my money? Are they going to tax me in real-time? All of that talk about currency and currency traders.  >> READ MORE

How Many Beneficiaries Can You Have on an Annuity?

So, you asked how many beneficiaries you can have on an annuity. I mean, you must be from the South like I am. I'm from the Charlotte, North Carolina, area originally. I don't live there now, but my family is back there, and we have a huge family. I was thinking about that question, and while writing this blog, I'm like, "Hey, that makes sense. I'm assuming you've got this huge family."  >> READ MORE

When Is the Best Time to Buy an Annuity?

I don't have a watch. I have an iPhone that I looked down at. But you asked, 'What's the best time to buy an annuity?' There's no good answer to that question, just bad sales pitches. Now we're going to go deeper than that. You can say, 'Well, that's not what I was looking for.' I understand that. I will go into that question from the standpoint of interest rates and what you're trying to solve.  >> READ MORE