The Annuity Stanifesto

The Annuity Stanifesto cover image

Generally those who write a manifesto think outside the box.

The act of writing down those thoughts is not simply a way to purge them from the mind, it’s a purposeful action and a call to action. The Annuity Stanifesto is just this. A call to action for the annuity industry and annuity consumers to wake up and wise up.

The industry needs to be led in the direction of products that are designed for and delivered to consumers without disproportionately lining the coffers or pockets of the insurance companies and selling agents. The Annuity Stanifesto is not only the go to book for consumers looking to educate themselves about annuities, annuity insiders are paying close attention, as it is a harbinger of change. The industry is moving towards direct sales, willingly or not, and Stan lays out a banquet of annuity information to aid consumers in making choices that fit their portfolios, fulfill their needs, and are available online directly.