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You would think that focusing solely on the contractual guarantees of annuity policies would not be ground-breaking and unique, but you would be dead wrong. Most hate mail and negativity come from agents, advisors, and the annuity industry. I’m used to it, not deterred, and in for the long-term factual fight. In addition, you will see some great pro-consumer changes to my website and overall business model this year. Even though we are at the top of our game, I’m always looking for my company to improve. 2023 will definitely be an annuity industry game changer, with The Annuity Man leading the way.

My current YouTube video answered many people’s question: Do you even need an annuity? Even though every US Citizen with a Social Security number already owns the best inflation annuity on the planet (i.e., Social Security), you might not need another one. Then again, you might. Check out this nugget of edu-tainment to get the skinny, and your personalized answer to the question.

It’s important to know when to buy CDs and when to buy MYGAs (aka: Annuity CDs), so I was Shootin’ It Straight this week on one simple rule you need to remember. It all comes down to three years in and three years out. Once you watch the video, it’s easy to remember.

Financial Rock Star Terry Savage joined me for this week’s Fun With Annuities podcast to provide “The Savage Truth for 2023.” Every time she is on with me, I get tons of positive comments about her endless energy and priceless insights into all things money. We covered most topics that are on everyone’s mind right now. This one is definitely worth your time.

I blogged hard this week with “Managing Longevity Risk Using Annuities.” Longevity Risk is the fear of outliving your money, and the annuity category is the only financial product that will contractually pay you for as long as you are breathing. There’s no ROI (Return On Investment) until you die. Up until that point, it’s a pure transfer of risk.

My Q&A Friday video lit things up this week when I explained why some annuity rates and guarantees are down when interest rates are rising. If you have been paying attention to some of my recent videos, you already know the answer. If you don’t know, click this link and find out.

If you have tried to book a call with me recently, you likely discovered that it’s like trying to buy a Taylor Swift concert ticket. The spaces fill up quickly. If you need to connect sooner than my schedule allows, please email me at, and I will try and call when there are breaks between appointments. Thanks in advance for your patience.

And finally, if you want a good chuckle, check out my new YouTube Shorts to get a 15-second dose of The Annuity Man. It’s a quick annuity factual slap in the face. Kudos to my Marketing Team. Nice work!

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