Annuity Strategies

All annuity strategies used and recommended only show the contractual guarantees of the policy. Worst case scenario: Armageddon. What the policy WILL DO, not what it might do. No hypothetical, theoretical, projected, back tested, potential, or agent hopeful return scenarios. All of that is garbage, and total nonsense. Annuities should never be considered for “non-guaranteed” return scenarios.

The AnnuityMan® Steakhouse is where my signature strategies and preferred product types can be found. Why call it The AnnuityMan Steakhouse? The answer is because you own the annuity for the steak, not the sizzle! Own it for the contractual guarantees, not the agent sales hype.

Annuities should be owned for 4 goals

I’ve spelled it out with an easy to remember acronym: P.I.L.L.

  • stands for Principal Protection

  • stands for Income For Life

  • stands for Legacy

  • stands for Long Term Care (or confinement care)

Annuities are NOT market growth products, and The Annuity Man Steakhouse lays out all of my strategies under the P.I.L.L. structure. As always, feel free to contact me to put together a customized contractually guaranteed strategy to address your specific situation.

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You won’t be hassled, called, or bothered by pesty sales people. Download priceless yet free annuity information here on my website, and build the foundation of annuity knowledge – on your time frame. That’s the way I would want to be treated if I were you, so that’s the way you will be treated.

It’s called being a professional, and treating you like one as well.