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The SPIA (Single Premium Immediate Annuity) product has been at work since the Roman Age. Rome provided guaranteed income payments to its soldiers for their lifetime.

Wondering if a SPIA is possibly a good product to include in your portfolio?

A SPIA works like the timeless classic 1955 Corvette. The structure is simply awesome, and provides a consistently stable ride all around. SPIAs are easy to understand, transparent, and simplistic efficient ways to deliver guaranteed income. Learn the nuts and bolts about SPIAs in the SPIA Owner’s Manual. You can request a physical copy be sent to you. Just fill out a request form that appears when you click on the “Send My Copy of the SPIA Owner’s Manual Button”, or if you prefer you can purchase a Kindle version from Amazon for $1.99.

Read the SPIA Owner’s Manual understand why this age old product remains a classic annuity!.

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